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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok 196 lag every Minute


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very laggy since nearly quiet weeks but since the halloween event nearly unplayable...:(so many server downtimes last days every dday for 3to5hours...so sad because of the event ...can t play because server a down...on the my sparedays ...pls fix it

lag after lag after lag (more as the sever save lags)

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Has been lagging since I started playing during the Xmas event. Can’t get full imprint on some dinos because of the lag pushing the timers. Lost dinos/gear/sanity on that server so much. Cryopodding anything during a lag is risky. So many times where the game tells me it has been podded and the Dino disappears only to look and find the pod is empty. Even after restart or dropping it. And I’ll never use a Managarmr on that server again since lag caused one of mine to teleport to the ocean border and drown.

I mostly stopped playing on 196 as it’s just too annoying to deal with and I don’t want to spend every 15 minutes saying “lag” over voice chat in order to warn others to stop moving in case they end up in lava or water.

Please look into this whether it’s a map issue regarding players/bases, or a hardware issue.

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196 Lagnarok. Our favorite server to play on. For months we put up with the lag every 7 or so minutes now its just to much lag. Spikes every 2-3 minutes for long periods of time. Server crashing many times during the week. Disconnecting due to high ping being a South-African in the first place was fine could play on server for hours without being disconnected. Now its just i only log onto 196 to reset timers and farm some salt. Cant stay online for long periods of time. Was forced to move to another official server to breed and grow my dinos cause i was afraid to lose them. And everyone on 196 wants something to be done or an answer to why the lag is so bad. We know the server is very popular and large player base with a lot of buildings and tames but its one of the funnest servers there is in my opinion. And we want a fix for it.

We also will note that the current event may causes more lag. But even without the event it was bad.


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Can confirm this completely. 

Previously it was laggy but pretty consistent: every 5-7 minutes one spike. Now it is lagging every minute, with stutters and massive incosistencies in events. 

It is hard to play at all currently and we have lost maybe the most time from the event, sometimes with complete crashes and sometimes with 30-40 minutes loss time in 3-4 hours. 

This server has an amazing community, so it would be amazing if the poor server performance would destroy it. 


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A day in the life on 196...out flying on glorious Sunday morning on rag, on my wyvern minding my own business when suddenly i come to a stop, unable to move, floating in mid air. THEN suddenly a base renders in around me leaving me stuck under a floor and surrounded by pillars in someones base, no way in and now way out. I had to ask the tribe who owned the base to come a demo. a section to let me out.

Ive heard of insiding but not sure this is what it means, especially on PVE!

I have other stories to, horror stories!! Of lag spikes that carupulted me and my wyvern into a shower of lava, klilling us both. Of thinking ive landed with my dino, umounting only to be hit by a rubber band and finding ive umounted into the bottom of scar surrounded by nasties, again dead!

Been playing Ark for over 5k hours now on every map PVP and PVE, this is the worst Ive ever experienced.

Be nice to feel we havent been left out in the dark from Wildcard after all the time we've invested on this map.



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Today was the peak of the Extra Life Event. I know it's hard times for a server, but from 8am to 4pm was 10 server crash and if it was online, the lag was unbearable. And again i know it's hard to handle the event, but we were 56/70 online, it's only 80% server usage and literally it was unplayable. 10 crash with 20-30min rollback, and constant laggs... i just can't play the game this way. Aaand the server's dinos limit was reached, so i can't breed, i can't hatch eggs, i can't farm xp and resources because of the lag and i can't play this game. Literally we couldn't get the bonuses, because if we did something, the server crashed and lost everything in the last 40min. Pls do something, it's unenjoyable. @lilpanda

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So a quick update. 

Server did not crash for a while, what is nice. Buuuut. The lagg is not getting any better. 
(Edit: Just while I was writing this, the server crashed again.)

We were doing yesterday the Lifeslabyrinth.

It was the most frustrating experience we had in our collective 700 hours on the server with my friend Killpls.

Just a few direct examples. 

We just did the fire room, we are both safe on the other side, with our shoulder pets, then we randomly teleport back to the fire room and we die. Pets lost, restarting from scratch. 

So we have now 30 minutes to get back to the fire room to at least get our loot - so we are doing the jumpy bit at the start, and when I finish with it, I randomly teleport back and fall, and have to do it again. Great.

Finally we got to the long tunnel with the platforms. I have speedrunning experience a bit but it is an almost impossible task if you are teleporting back mid air just to fall and to start over again. 

The next room my friend died to the Onics and his loot disappeared, I dont know if this is a lagg, bug or simply a feature. Doesnt matter, start over and some stuff lost - but going trough after the SAME LAGGY DAMN PROCESS was again over 90 minutes. 

Because both of our shoulder pets died in the fire room due to the lagg, in the end my friend had to sacrifice himself in the flames so we could at least get one set of artifacts.

Well, I tought our perils are over but boy was I wrong...

In the long room where you have to run between the walls, I lagged and teleported back in the corridor and got crushed by the walls. I was lucky to not die but I sure had a small cardiac arrest. 

So long story short: 
Please fix this piece of rubbish you dare call a server. 
I purchased this game in alpha stage, it has been 6-7 years now and you still can't guarantee paying customers a working game environment? This is just simply ridicoulous.

Good day,

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