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Movement issues since Fear Evolved

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Movement issues since Fear Evolved

This issue started on day one of fear evolved 3 release, I play on PS4 and my internet/Wifi speed is on point.

On starting a new character on a Valgureo server i immediately started to experience movement issues,

I will be running along just fine then I will get stuck on nothing which will either slow me right down or completely stop me and then evetually I can move again but this issue will just keep repeating. This happens on tames on land or flying too.

My game isnt lagging or freezing it is running just fine and this has now affected all my other server saves and single players. I have tried killing myself/fast travel, completely deleting and reloading the game. Anyone else have this issue or know what to do to resolve?

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Just now, reynnick said:

Ha wish it was just that, could just sit in a corner and poop it out.

Would be a good way to produce fertilizer, wouldn't it? ?

1 minute ago, reynnick said:

Having no render or loading issues, the wild creatures can move just fine would this client side issue effect my single player too and is there a fix?

I honestly don't know. I personally only play on PC, but if you only experience the issue on Valguero then that must be a problem specific to that map. Being specific to consoles, or an issue that was recently introduced on all platforms I could not tell as I haven't really played the game in a while. However I haven't seen any other report of such issues so not sure if that is a general issue.

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This may not make sense but hopefully I can explain the fix we found.  Run sideways at a 90 degree angle from the direction you’re facing for two seconds then sprint forward.  If is doesn’t work going right then try left.  No joke this works.  Also if you have two beds in your base you can transfer between the beds to fix it also.  Baby giga tails does this to me all the time.

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