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pvp [WIPED 16TH APRIL] LoyaltyARK [x100 with MODS][PVP][POPULATED]

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LoyaltyARK x100 cluster
x100 Harvesting & Taming rate
Offline Turret Damage x5
Custom made community mod!
Raid Balancer System!
Higher Harvesting, XP and Taming for Solo and Duo players!
Custom VoteParty System!
Low mating interval
S+, Awesome TPs!, Reusable Grappling, Speedy Flyers!
PvP balancing!
Lots of PvP and active players!
Awesome plugins like shop, lottery, MAGA, NoMoreUndermeshing and much more!
------ 6 MAN x100 CLUSTER ------



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