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pvp [12/05] LoyaltyARK x100 PvP 6-man | OfflineTurretDmg x3 | NoMesh | Events | Kits

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Introducing LoyaltyArk SmallTribes x100 server

Do you want to play ARK but you don't have a server where? Are you tired of high rates servers unbalanced? Do you want to do intense pvp? Then LoyaltyARK is you server
Welcome to LoyaltyARK. This server offers all the things you need to feel an enjoyable, speed pvp experience. Also, the staff is keeping up the work to stop meshers, rule-breakers and cheaters. Our rule set is very complete and is continuously being improved
We focus on game balance by running a few mods which make the game experience much funnier and not tedious to work. We have a 6-man-PvP server with the Offline Guard System which increases
turret damage to x3 and structure hp by x3. Our servers are running into some high-quality hardware that will ensure the best PvP experience without lag. Also, we have the most advanced undermeshing plugin so meshers here won't do anything because of our high-performance anticheat



-Complete rework of shop system. New system uses commands and shares points accross cluster

-Added HG Remap mod to revert Advanced Rifle bullet, element, element shards and veggie cakes back to vanilla stack size

-Decreased auto turret slot count to 50 slots -> 5000 bullets

-Decreased Heavy turret slot count to 100 slots -> 10000 bullets -Increased turret damage to x1.65

-Disabled MEK damage to structures

-Disabed S+ foundations, S+ tek shield and converter

-Disabled last remote location -Disabled placing tps in platforms -Max TPs set 10 per tribe

-Added Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch plugins (You can enter the arena with a command if you/your team wins you get shop points)

-Turret limit 300 per 10000 units -Added Awesome Spyglass! mod

-Changed engrams to autounlock on character creation

-Disabled vanilla auto and heavy turret (slot count override)

-Limited speed points to 200% on every dino

-Enabled vote rewards system to obtain points by voting in ark-servers.net

-Added lottery plugin (you can roll a number for 1000 points and you can win the entire prize pool)

-Added some other server utilities plugins -Some other tweakings and performance improvements

-Added HWID Bans plugin. This will make banned users unable to connect from the same pc even with different accounts and potentially dangerous IPs also will be unable to connect

These are the current rates in the server:

Experience: 50.00
Harvesting: 100.00
Taming: 100.00
Breeding: 50.00
Egg Hatch: 50.00
Baby Maduration: 50.00
Mating Interval: 0.25
Baby Imprint interval 0.35
Crop Grow Speed: 100.00
Cave Damage: 6.00
Player Food and Water consumption: 1.00

Boss element drop and bps drop added to all bosses


steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27015 - Ragnarok



steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27017 - TheCenter



steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27019 - TheIsland



steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27021 - Extinction



steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27025 - Aberration




steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27025 - Valguero

Community Discord


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