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PGARKs on Xbox working again?!

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PGARKs on Xbox working again?!

Ok so I just downloade ARK again on a whim like 10 minutes ago it just finished. I noticed a title update had been added and decided to see if PGArks were working. When it didn't crash at 4.6% as usual I was skeptic as it could crash at any given moment, but now, as I'm posting this I've spawned in and am exploring as we speak. I'm running on an original Xbox One model so I don't know if this feature is fixed for now or I just got crazy lucky. Either way I'm playing this until I unwillingly lose conciousness.


I would also like to thank WildCard for if this is a fix, for fixing such a beloved feature. I can finally play ARK without my stress levels blaring like a fire alarm :)

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