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Fear Evolved 3. Valguero


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14 minutes ago, Nemesis817 said:

Fear Evolved 3. Valguero

Ok so no dodrex or Wyverns on Val. Sucks but whatever. But I have not seen one bone creature. Also no graveyards , over grown pumpkin patches. No zombie dodos or jerboas. Do we get any of this fun stuffs on Val ?

I have seen random pumpkins and grave stones and a few Scarecrows .

I have seen a couple bone trikes and tried to kill one but it glitched away. Haven't seen any graveyards or pumpkin patches but didn't know that was a thing. I didn't know there were supposed to be zombie Jerboas and it was my understanding that the zombie dodos only spawn with the dodorex and thats it. 


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