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the next update will be in December, because if you look at the dates of the previous updates, we can see that they have been made approximately every 2 months, first in June then August two months later, then in October another two months later and now I suppose that in December (another two months later the following update will be released) (Big Updates) and I hope that in the next update they put thylacoleo or a new map or new things alone and some performance improvement for android devices with 3Gb of ram how the moto g6

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On 11/10/2019 at 11:35 PM, Bethico said:

With this update I cannot enter the game, it freezes when I start playing and I lost all my previous game

Check this out regarding "freezing" since October Update V2.0.10...

This workaround did solve the issue for me:

Link to forum post


On 10/26/2019 at 4:52 AM, WarDrumKeys said:

Please try the following: 

- Disable Wifi and Data
- Open your Single Player save (ignore warning about Google Play connectivity)
- Now that your save has successfully loaded, open the menu and Leave ARK
- Close the app completely
- Reenable your Wifi and Data (if you want to)
- You can now access your Single Player save without issue!



Additionally I got reply from Help Desk regarding my ticket #19078 "Cannot watch any advertisement to receive experience boost or "green signal" when respawn":

It appears that you have encountered a software bug. We’ll take a look at this issue and try to get a fix out soon. In the meantime, if you have any further details to add to this bug please submit a Bug Report via the form here: Bug Report Forum

Please include as much detail as you can, along with your device specifics and any steps we could take to reproduce this bug so that we can locate and fix it sooner.

Thank You!


Best regards....

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