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Has EU PVE Ragnarok211 been hacked?

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What he was saying was that every halloween event Wild card chooses a server to sacrifice to their dark gods so that the may appease them and be gifted with a better financial year in the future.

It seems this year your Server was selected, The server itself would have had all the entities on it ritualistically deleted, then the players are killed and permanently removed from existence along with all items. Finally the devs join in god mode and begin foundation wiping every base and bob shack they can find, the server is then deleted and the sacrifice is complete. It sucks losing all your work but look on the bright side at least this only happens once a year and only to one server.

Joking btw in case by some stretch of the imagination you were taking me seriously at all ;).

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Give us the Server Back   :P   

The EU-PVE-Officiall-Ragnarok211  have so much Server crashes.   

Wildcard you have to look at this Server. It´s rly frustating with all these massive Lags and Server crashes.

These ~400 Wyvern spawnd at 50/50 gave this Server the final Headshot….  lol


We (many Players from this Server) made a Server outage Report last day.

In my eyes i think only a patch will (hope so) Maybe give us the Server back ^^


Greets Jacky 

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