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overspawn Massive Fire wyvern overspawn, Ragnarok

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Massive Fire wyvern overspawn, Ragnarok

Since the new Fear Evolved got introduced on our cluster last night, Fire Wyverns and Zombie Fire Wyverns have been spawning uncontrollably in the murder murder snow on the spawn points of the Ice wyverns. I hope this issue can be fixed soon, we are currently controlling the population with admin turrets.



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Yup also seeing this, seems to be overspawns of something on every map (other than island so far that we've seen). Raptors on Valguero bad enough we stopped our Val server overnight and I'm now disabling raptors on it to restart it again for my players. Megalos on Aberration and the Wyverns in the snow on Rag. Not a good situation lol

@Cedric Are WC aware of all of these? The only one that's been mentioned officially is the raptors on Valguero.

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The most recent patch did prevent the overspawn of zombie wyverns but the ice wyverns are now picking up the slack.

I am seeing massive overspawn of IceWyverns on Ragnarok (unofficial dedicated server cluster).  Server is version 300.6

I have not been to Valguero to see if they are overspawning there as well though.  Last time I was there, I did notice there were no deinonichus and instead, saw raptors.

If you want additional server settings / details, detailed info can be found here: http://grimlock.enjin.com

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On 11/18/2019 at 1:40 PM, AxelrodRanger said:

My Private Servers are still inundated with Ice Wyverns! Will this ever be fixed?!

Is there any ETA to when the overpopulation of Ice Wyverns is going to be fixed??? I have been using admin turrets to cull the heard but they seen to re-spawn at other locations! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look here: 


seems issue related to some mod, myself don't have this issue on my nitrado server, but again, I'm a PS4 user... 

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