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6 minutes ago, TheSlayerNL said:

I find the lack of Graveyards pretty disturbing, I have not found one yet, where the hell are they? I remember the original Fear Evolved had plenty, this is no fun this way.

How are you searching for them? They spawn around the player. They are single graves, not graveyards like the original Fear Evolved had.

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I'm so gonna be headless from now on!

To poor for a PC but they can afford a console? The price of a PS4 pro right now is 399! I built my son a PC that he plays ark high graphics setting on for 380 so what say you about that? It also

1.Your acting entitled and immature and the proof is with how your trash talking console players   Guess what, I bet PC players would "whine" too if it got delayed for them so don't act like

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Hey, the even has been awesome so far, and I love it. 


But the whole raptor glitch on Val servers needs to be fixed. It’s insane and makes it so there’s no chance of getting Dein eggs...or anything else for that matter. 

Plus...SUPER rough on the graphics card.


Same with Wyverns...you can’t get eggs on Val servers because there are just too make Wyvs and they aren’t even dropping eggs. 

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21 minutes ago, SylvainDufour said:

Event Rates

2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
2X Player XP
2X Harvesting


Is it supposes to be 2X or not? It sure was not on the Island map last night when I played ...

2x event is currently active.

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Hey Wildcard.

It´s a Nice Event,

BUT  after hundreds of wyvern spawning at 50/50  the Server crashd and is now down for more then 6 Hours.


it´s the  EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok211

We reportet the Server at the Server Outtakes. But still Nothing happend

Maybe you can give a hug to your "technic Team"  :)

Greets Jacky

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14 hours ago, Hobbitt said:

I have literally lost all interest and motivation in Ark over the last few updates...
Every single time something stops me from being able to play, Ceds whole "positive attitude" is literally just him brushing off everyones problems and saying they will do better or know better next time, yet nothing changes... I know we are 5 years down the track of this happening and for those 5 years I was the type of player who turned my eye to anything Wildcard done wrong because of how much I love Ark, I just said oh well it will get fixed, oh well Ark is still awesome. 

I'm currently the leader of my tribe on Valguero-SmallTribes, we have been playing since it opened.
We have been meshed, teamed against for 9 weeks straight by more than 8 tribes and somehow pretty much beat all odds and finished wiping their entire alliance, 9 days before server transfers...

The entire time I was reporting these tribes with SOLID EVIDENCE and Wildcard literally responded saying the problem will be solved thanks for the report, closed my ticket and just never done anything about it, some of my videos I uploaded didn't even get viewed...? Gee thanks for helping me out with a legitimate report Wildcard.

Not to mention over the 9 weeks I had to deal with not being able to log in on Windows10 because every single update breaks Windows10, I have to wait days more than others to get the latest update, over those days I cannot play but the rest of Xbox are playing? How can I defend my base when I am literally locked out of the game because of Wildcard? Why would any game developer do that, repeatedly, and just not care that players are depriving themselves of sleep to do anything they can to protect their bases because of repeated careless mistakes Wildcard make.

I feel so defeated after being online to protect my base for over 9 weeks against players that are blatantly cheating, to now have to do it again when transfers open for Valguero servers on Xbox. I'm spending time off of work, away from family, instead of sleep, on Ark to make up for the disadvantages Wildcard throw at me.

There is literally nothing I can do as a player to have my voice heard, or the urgent matters fixed, which somehow come by so often. I went from loving Ark and begging for more DLC, to literally no motivation, giving up on my tribe and refunding Genesis, farewell Ark.

Never respected any game studio or developers any less.

I wonder if anyone from admin/modding team ever response to this. Probably not, because WC doesn't seem to care about long-playing people, long-lasting and game-breaking bugs, but just to entertain new kids with fancy colored dinos (and their problems such not having Genesis announced on Switch).


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I really was looking forward to this event. But more than normal laggy server, and crashing servers that erases every item you have collected for the ground for the last 2-3 hours plus erases all new emotes and skins you have made, and 100+ fire wyverns dominating the snowy mountains of Ragnarok. It all really makes it hard for me to enjoy playing this event.

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Well, I made the mistake of stopping my server and updating one of the mods that was out of date...now my server just sits there after primal game data loads and doesn't go any further. Plus, I see my saved ark files skyrocket in size over the past day. I really wish Wildcard would have their act together after all this time. I feel like I have wasted 4000+ hours hoping and waiting for the countless bugs to get resolved in this game. I am tired of waiting!

With Genesis being delayed it's only a matter of time before the Ark community moves on to other games that are coming out (have you seen all the great games coming out this Season Wildcard?).

R.I.P. Ark...in  concept you were amazing but unfortunately Wildcard execution will go down in the record books as an epic blunder! Good riddance!

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1 minute ago, Yiu said:

Are they rare spawns by any chance? I've been looking all over the map for them. 

They where very rare on Ragnarok map where i play. did only see 3 skeleton dinos in around 90 miunts intense searching. But an friend from same map had much more luck finding them on Island server. I dont know if you can transfer the bones, but you should be able to transfer the Skins and Emotes after they have been made.

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The colors for this event are horrible. Set out with the hopes of taming a purple and black jerboa and after hours of searching nadda. Why list purple as an event color if NOTHING spawns that color? Halloween you expect to see bright bold colors and the colors offered for this event are a fraction of a step above the colors that already normally occur. Big fat waste of time getting kibble and everything else ready for colors that aren't there!

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