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I'm so gonna be headless from now on!

To poor for a PC but they can afford a console? The price of a PS4 pro right now is 399! I built my son a PC that he plays ark high graphics setting on for 380 so what say you about that? It also

1.Your acting entitled and immature and the proof is with how your trash talking console players   Guess what, I bet PC players would "whine" too if it got delayed for them so don't act like

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1 minute ago, froggie12494 said:

I'm curious to about where to find the dinosaur bones! I see in the ARKeology event there were fossil piles and I'm assuming we would have fossil piles again? I have found several scarecrows, pumpkins, and gravestones already.

Kill skeleton dinos to get bones.

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So I've seen that the massive overspawn of Raptors on Valguero is being dealt with, but no one else seems to have mentioned the Wyvern overspawn in non-wyvern areas on Rag suddenly. We have well over 60 Wyverns (non-ice ones) in the murder snow on our Ragnarok PC dedicated server suddenly, a dinowipe makes no difference within minutes they're back again, no dino mods at all (we only run S+ and Platforms+) and no changes to dino spawn rates other than removal of Titanosaur. @Cedric has anyone made you aware of this at all?

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Also all items collected from mounds disappear completely from any storage after a restart just like they did in the Arkeology event. I've now warned all users on my cluster to make sure they upload any spares as we do regular daily restarts of our servers.


If memory serves, this was fixed with a later patch during the Arkeology event, looks like you've got a regression somewhere chaps.

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Three years of Halloween and two years of Easter on ps4 and you still cant summon the dodorex but guess what it'll spawn in the wild at night sometimes so you and your tribe can waste a bucket load of resources for 66xp and nothing else wow so cool. *Edit* just seen that the dodorex is only on the island why just why, why have you given a raiding ace to a bunch of beach bobs with maybe one big base on the map ffs.

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