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Valguero Bug

In this map I have seen them all and more.
Every day, I woke up dead while I slept, but the house where I slept was never destroyed, so I don't know why, every day I was killed by animals while I slept without destroying anything.
Moreover, yesterday, while no one of the tribe was connected for at least 1 day, a rex alfa first attacks me, while I slept waking up dead and then the structure in which there were animals without any reason, once entered, I activated everything and destroyed the structure, killing the animals.
This was not supposed to happen.
It is not possible to wake up dead, rebuild everything every day, die through a wall and the house is never destroyed and then see an alpha that kills my animals in this way without me even playing. I have been playing on two other maps for years and this has NEVER happened even with animals in neutral. This map sucks!
HOURS LOST TO CONQUER ANIMALS and lose them without doing anything.
I am very disappointed.

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9 hours ago, Febreze1 said:

È buona norma gettare il carico nello spazio di archiviazione, a volte morirai agli elementi mentre ti disconnetti; arrivare al caldo, arrivare al freddo, morire di fame, disidratazione. 

ahahahahaha If I said that I was killed by animals while I slept, it's because when I woke up the writing came out!!!!!!

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