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Top 3 things everyone wants to come to Ark


Top 3 things everyone wants to come to Ark

I'm curious to see what everyone would want to come into the game and I think if people made a list of 3 things to choose from would make it interesting 


These are what I want in order from least to most 


3.TLC 3- mainly because I would want useless creatures to get better uses and if I could choose any 3 creatures to add to the existing list I would choose: The Megapithecus, the Areneo, and the Megalodon  to get TLC patches with the carno, megaloceros, and plesiosaur.


2.Procedurally Generated Maps Update and Fixes-this mode has crazy amounts of potential but the developers abuse it and never use it, imagine being able to create a custom map and being able to see what your changing instead of guessing? Or setting certain creatures to spawn like maybe a all dinosaur themed map without things like woolly mammoths and etc. Fixing this mode will give the game endless replayability value due to players constantly creating unique and custom maps and the devs will almost never have to worry about people getting bored because they have unlimited things to try.


1.Scorched Earth Remake-if you've followed any of my other pages its probably not much of a surprise that this is on the list due to how urgently it needs to happen. Scorched Earth has lost its charm because of Ragnarok and by fixing this it'll show alot of people that they are willing to treat their fanbase right instead of ignoring everything we want plus people like me who have been loyal to the game deserve this as a thanks to all the ark players present who put up with the bullpoop because ark has alot of potential that their ignoring.

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I was going to comment with my three things, but honestly, there are so many. So instead I went to the "sort by votes" option to see, what of the top ten are currently. 

  1. Separate PvE and PvP balances - 192 votes 
  2. Add Show Range for Troughs (tek and normal) - 164 votes
  3. New Dinosaurs/TLC but refreshed every few months - 140 votes
  4. Make Griffins & Wyverns Breedable and/or saddleable - 138 votes
  5. Scorched Earth: Ascension (after the boss) - 132 votes
  6. Teleporters - 108 votes
  7. Wipe Official Servers - 107 votes
  8. Implement Prim+ Items to regular Ark - 105 votes
  9. Cryopods craftable in Fabricator/Drops (added) - 97 votes - As it was added in at least one function, I will be including the next runner up as #9
  10. (9) Dedicated slot for gas in items like Cooker, Grill, Forge, and Chem Bench
  11. (10) Bloom and Light Shafts settings on Console. 

Of the ten items above, I would have to go with, and this is merely on personal preference, 

  • (8) - Implement Prim+ Items to regular Ark - There are many ideas for or against this one, between the suggestion and the weigh in document, and I won't go into detail here, as I have elsewhere, however I think that including the items as an engram set you could turn off or on in server setup is something I would be very excited and appreciative of. I love the Prim+ world as much as the original world for many different reasons and would love to see their inclusion. It would change the game, but as only for those that wished if it were an option. 
  • (4) - Dedicated slot for gas in items like Cooker, Grill, Forge, and Chem Bench - I think this would be my second vote. It seems like a simple and straightforward way to eliminate some of the work-arounds we tend to use to avoid removing the gas needed to start the items. 
  • (2) - Add Show Range for Troughs (tek and normal) - I have essentially figured out how to estimate the range a trough will cover with some reading, trial, and error; however being able to simply turn on a range meter would simplify the process and I think it would be a nice inclusion. 

Opening it to, what are the top three things, regardless of vote count however, my votes would have to go to, 

  1. Implement Prim+ Items to regular Ark - For reasons stated above, and so many others. 
  2. Large pillars, Foundations, & Ceilings - The addition of the 4x1 walls was a great inclusion. It has helped with lag dramatically on my cluster, and I hope that someday they take it a step forward. Items such as Walls, Foundations, sloped Ceilings and Ceilings could have Small (2x2), Medium (3x3), and Large (4x4) segments and that would help cut down lag even further. Same could be said for pillars Standard (1 high), Short (2 high), Medium (3 high), and Tall (4 high). 
  3. Tek Fridge, Tek Smoker, Tek Vault, Tek Chemistry Station, and Tek Grinder - It is a post I added, but it is not because it is my own that I would vote for it. Had anyone else added it, the vote would have been the same. I believe that in many ways, they have skipped over many tiered items, and this post goes into the "Tek Tier" of those items. I would still like to seem more mixed in below them as well, but believe at the very least, the tek tier should have the crafting/storage/decor that should fit it. 

Those are simply on my top three lists however. I do like those you have posted as well, however for how I play the game and those I play with, of the conversations we have had, these are the sets that are brought up more than anything else. 

We do have those who thoroughly enjoy the Scorched Earth map for example, however at this point, they are more the frame of mind of having a new desert map created as opposed to revisiting the original. In the process of designing it they could take the best of Scorched Earth, and the suggestions given, to create a new desert map with harsher conditions, new resources, new creatures, new building items, and a new notes that could add to the story line. 

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