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pvp NZ/AU Spitfire Cluster PvPvE 10 Server Cluster Plus Jurassic Mod Server

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NZ/AU Cluster currently running 10 servers and 1 Mod Server

  • Genesis
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Aberation
  • Island
  • Valguero
  • ISO Crystal Isles
  • Center
  • Scorched Earth
  • The Volcano
  • Separate Jurassic ARK Mod running on Crystal Isles

PvPvE with Offline Raid protection - 1 Hour Cooldown for this to kick in (Jurassic isn't running ORP)

We have Discord which features: 

-Active Admin
-Cross Server Chat
-Chat to any server without being in game
-Own private tribe channels,
-Tribe Logs can be sent to channels

Server Rules and Server Details can be found on Discord

Rates and Info

  • XP: 1.5
  • Gather: 2x
  • Tame: 5x
  • Maturing: 10x
  • Breeding Intervals: 0.4
  • Egg hatch: 7x
  • Dino Tribe limit: 300
  • Max Wild Dino Level: 150
  • Corpse Locator: Enabled
  • Unlimited Respecs
  • Gamma is adjustable
  • 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+
  • All rest is default
  • Boosted Rate Events

Structures Plus (S+)

Platform Plus

ISO Crystal Isles

The Volcano

eco's RP Decor

Jurassic Mod Server Requirements

Jurassic ARK (Only for Jurassic ARK Server)

ARK Additions: Domination Rex

ARK Additions: The Collection



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