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pve (PC) PvE Ark Server

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Ark server.

Greetings everyone,   

I've got my own Ark server running throughout the months and currently play on it alone. I figured others might seek a server so, here goes, i'm hoping to build a nice community on this server for the new upcoming map!


Here's some mods below that this server uses.

Castles and Keeps
 (2 mods)

Allows you to build an actual castle or strongholds with a whole new set of buildings. Previously made difficult with the vanilla ark building materials.

Ultra Stacks

Gives our inventory an easier time by lowering weight on items and increasing their stack size. Such as wood, originally to be 100 or 200, now stacks to 5000. Raw meat stacks to 5000, originally to be 20.

Eco’s decoration / Tree mod

Gives us the ability to properly decorate our homes with furniture, EVEN A SHOWER!, and create a nice scene around the base with the trees mod, giving us the ability to place trees and bushes wherever we desire. Even snappable redwood trees for platforms.

Auto Engrams

Simply learn every possible Engram possible, without the need to click them all or to pick specifically which ones you want. You will obtain them all as you level up your character.

Rare Sightings

Plants rare dino’s on the map, only 3 rare dino’s per time are active on the map. They have a special colour / effect on them and are usually higher level, Most of them can be tamed.

Grappling Flare Gun

A simple, re-usable flare gun combined with a grappling hook, for all your dungeon needs.

Structures / Platform Plus

Allows the picking up of structures and the better snapping of them together, this mod is so helpful with building.

HG Seed Crafter

A mod i’m sort of expirimenting with. Allows you to literally plant Element / Rare flowers on your farmland. ((This is more intended for single player use etc and will possibly be removed or kept, depending on the people that join))

Incase you wish to join up on the server? well, welcome!

It’s planned we play on this map for now until December when the new map comes out, an idea i had was to have a fun community by the time December rolls around and we can have fun on the new map together.

Server IP


I would suggest pre-subscribing to these mods above to avoid having to possibly download them and having to re-start the game multiple times until you connect properly to the server.

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