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Faction RP Server project

Ark Faction RP Server
So i've been sitting at home and got a thought about Ark and i started looking for RP servers but i couldnt really find something that really appeal to me and now i had an idea to ask the community.

I am currently developing an Ark Faction RP server, as off now we are looking at having it as a whitelist server you can apply to join and this is because when creating this server my goal is going to be to have a mature server with people that enjoy RP and love to get in to scenarios.

So what do i mean when i say "Faction RP"?
- Well most people that have been playing doing RP before has some kind of understanding about factions but i will explain it anyway for you that dont fully know what it is.
- So Faction RP is when for example a group of people want to create a city togheter and then they want to start a "police force" of some sort to protect that city, then this "police force" will be one of many factions in the world but there main goal is to keep this city safe from bandits, attackers or simply make sure that fights dont break out in the city.
- Another way a facction could exsist is some kind of "tree people" where a group of people want to make a city up in the redwood trees and for example live from what the nature can sustane them with.
- Now to why a Faction RP server could be interesting. Well most people really like the PVP aspect and yes the PVP aspect will be a big part of it but instead of killing people right away the server rules will force you to engage in a conversation in for example robing the player or kidnapping them, this will make for more scenarios to grow and make for example the "police force" i mentioned before to maybe go out on a scout mission to find the citys people that went missing.

So i've just explained some of the diffrent ways Faction RP gives a diffrent light to the Ark world, now what i would love for you that reads this is comment your thought and your ideas, give me feedback on what u think could make it better or even if this is something you would love to do!

Leave a comment down below and thank you!!!
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