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Claim land instead of pillar

This might be challenging, but ultimately a huge help.  People pillar for the sake of maintaining a hunting ground, or keeping others at arms length, or to preserve resources.  Number of reasons.  But, pillars add to structure limit, server lag, and are annoying to deal with.  So lets give players an alternative, let players immediately, level 1, craft Land Claim Markers.  Structures themselves no longer Claim Land, the system instead transferring to these Markers.

A few notes on this, worth debate:

Look and feel:

Markers themselves are compact, you can walk right over them.

The Marker could be as easy to make as a note or as difficult as a stone pillar...in either case, a newby should be able to make one relatively quick.  (so not using metal ingots or sap, not in a smithy...)  I like the tiered idea, because it mimics the present system, level 1 starts with a wood marker, and progresses up to a tek marker, with progressively higher decay timers.

Destroyable in PvP, Are these stone, wood, metal?  Maybe tiered?  PvP is not my thang, so consider amongst your own.

Decay timer on these, not structures.  Yes, a timer would stop ticking for a 1000 individual structure pieces, instead just for a couple markers.  Amazing.

Snaps to foundations and ceilings, switches from being a marker to engraving or seal.  Just so players can note where it is but walk over it without concern.

Claimed vs Unclaimed Land:

You can build on unclaimed land, but anybody can Demolish your structure even while you are looking at them.  Can this be griefed, yes, so players should be made aware with a one-time tip that this could happen the first time they build on unclaimed land, and to be cautious.

Some land is not claimable.  This is something that has been necessary for a long time.  But, you could still build on that land, it is just demolishable by other players.  Why?  Traps, for one, maybe a public smelting stand.  There are good reasons to build near a resource cache, we just notice the bad reasons most.  This goes hand in hand with having a cap per player, otherwise we'll just see the alt char system bypass the cap.  With unclaimable land, that won't be as necessary.

Demolishing a structure only refunds to the player who originally placed the structure.  This would be vital.

Players CAN CLAIM A BASE!  Why not, some people build amazing stuff, if they abandon it (Markers decay), you can drop down a few Land Claim Markers, and live in their castle.  Now, some caveats, maybe a player can only claim up to a certain tier based on level...so like level 1-20 can claim wood, 21-40 stone, 41+ for all else.  This is really just meant to help brand newbies from getting too much, too soon, become overwhelmed, and ruin their own experience.  Or maybe not, and instead structures demo when the land claims decay.

Extra Functionality:

Holding a marker allows you to see claimed area through some sort of Arkly hologram system.  OR maybe just a tooltip pops up, stating whos land you are on, allowing you to figure out the exact boundaries much easier than current, which is a lot of guesswork.

Foundations still block spawns.  Markers themselves do not.

Cap on Markers per player.  This cap could start small and grow, maybe one every 2 levels?  This could get complicated for tribes, worth more debate.  This isn't meant to confine one player to a 3x3 grid, the amount of area each marker offers should be significant, maybe a 2x2 pillar range?  The bigger goal is to reduce lag.

Claimable Land Claimed stat displayed on server select screen.  Don't have players join servers that are filled, which happens before the population cap.

Overlapping claims, basically leading to a zen diagram appearance.  Difficult to come up with a solution to, but one option is to have a push-pull effect, where the boundary meets in the middle.  Or stick with a first come first serve, as it is now.


Implementation could occur relatively easily (from the player's perspective), allow both systems to be active for a month, then cut off the structure claim system.  Obviously its not as simple as that from a coding perspective, but it should be doable.

The absolute best way I can imagine doing this is to have the Land Claim Markers replace Pillaring, and increase functionality in smaller increments.  During implementation phase, players will be able to place land claim markers on unclaimed land and land they currently control.

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