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Can't tranfser to Extinction - Private Cluster

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Can't tranfser to Extinction - Private Cluster

I have a cluster of The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction. All servers are running  299.26 (4276277) on Debian Linux, ver 10 (Buster). All servers are running on the same physical box so no traffic needs to leave the server to transfer.

Tonight I noticed my player info is lost ever time I attempt to transfer to Extinction from any server. I get the character creation screen every time after I select a bed to spawn at. I tried rolling back the server a few hours. No luck.

I have to login to the server I was leaving to get my character back.

Looking at the saved files directory for the cluster I can see my player info file in the base cluster directory. The players on the cluster are all going to be seriously unhappy if we can't travel  between servers. All players in this cluster are playing through the lore. Most have Alpha Ascenstion from the Island and have completed Alpha Broodmother, Alpha Megapithicus, Alpha Dragon, Alpha Overseer, Alpha Manticore and Alpha Rockwell. It would be a serious shame if anyone lost their player info.

We are attempting to run all the core maps in order before Genesis releases. If I can't get players back to Extinction we will not be able to complete the run.


This cluster has been up for  over a year total. It is not a new build. This is the first time I have gotten any failures like this.


Please feel free to ask any questions that may  help shed some light on this. I will happily share the configs if needed.

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Hey I don't know if this is related or not but I try to transfer from aberration to extinction I uploaded my character, then when I tried to upload my character to extinction it was not there and I can only make a new character which I did and I have found my character a sleep on the floor, I don't know what to do, I have put in a ticket if I get a response is anyone guess. This is on PS4 solo mode



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Testing is under way.

Aberration > Scorched = Good
Aberration > Extinct = Broken
Scorched > The Island = Good but crashed 1st time.
The Island > Aberration = Good
Aberration > The Island = Good
The Island > Scorched = Good
Scorched > Aberration = Good
The Island > Extinct = Broken
Scorched > Extinct = Broken
Any server > Extinction = Broken

This is very important!
If anyone transfers and gets disconnected during transfer, or get the Make a Survivor screen, exit the game immediately, restart Ark and join the server you were leaving! Then you can download your player back to where you were.

Failure to terminate the game will result in your current character getting completely WIPED! There will be no way to get it back with all the stats and achievements in tact!

I am going to test further to see if I can find out why it is having issues.

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Adding more details

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