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Making Multiplayer a 'Progression' and more fun


Making Multiplayer a 'Progression' and more fun

So I got this idea while reading and responding to this reddit post from a new player looking for where to start and someone suggested I submit it.  This relates to Offical PVP only, and on xbox in my case although that's less relevant.

I love playing on official servers, as toxic and broken as they may be.  I like to 'win' on the legitimate game. 

This game is infinitely better in multiplayer than single-player.  The sandbox model is too nebulous and undirected for single-player.  So then it comes to the official server network:

The problem with the open-transfer model is that 1) there's no incentive to play the 'story' of ARK and 2) it's basically mega-alliance or die.  Even without duping and meshing, large established tribes can easily wipe away the beginners.  There's simple too many advantages that knowledge of all the maps, all the resources etc gives.  You might even say that because of the advantages of the different DLCs, there is even an element of pay-to-win.

So here's the suggestion:

-Tier the official servers by map based on the storyline.  A. Island -> B. Scorched/Rag/(Center?) -> C. Abb/(Valg?) -> D. Extinction.

-Restrict item/tame transfers to 'up' tiers only.  (example, you can bring items from island to rag, or abb, but not back. From rag to abb, but not extinction to rag, etc.)

-Character transfer is 2-way always.


-Right off the bat, if you want people to play through the game to be immersed in the story, you need them to follow the maps in order.

-Late-game DLC gives huge resource and creature advantages (ex, Abb=metal, Ext = element) (scorch = wyverns, abb = drakes/reapers, ext = manas, etc) that just break the balance when you include what's only available on other maps.

-Island becomes your 'beginner' map, rag/scorched is 'mid',etc,  and large tribes can't come troll with end-game equipment, which legitimately causes early-game people to stop playing.

-In any competitive scenario, even sports, the most enjoyment is had by challenging opponents at or slightly above your own level.  Too hard?  Discouraging.  Too easy? No fun.  This mega on mega meta we have now is boring and a time-suck.  With this suggested model, If I go to an island server to pvp, it's my raw experience vs their resources and tames that they've had time to build, rather than just a managarmr slaughtering a pteranadon.  If I'm on abb/valg and I want to punch 'up' to a tribe on extinction, I'll not have had access to the same amount of element, ods drops, titans, etc so it will be a challenge on that side as well but I'll have the metal, reapers, drakes, from the previous map to ride up with.

-Lastly, with the tiered approach, no base is still truly 'safe.'  As a large tribe I would still never "main" Island in this case because the resources just aren't there relative to the other maps.

So, just a thought for the official or alternative network that might be worth trying.

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