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Pengu PvP Slightly Boosted Small Tribes

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Pengu PvP Slightly Boosted Small Tribes

Pengu PVP! Similar to official small tribes, but with the boosts you want! Join our 20 slot Xbox and PC crossplay server on Valguero as your home to tame dinos, fight bosses, and raid fellow players. Enjoy a higher move speed for most dinos and enjoy dinos not typically found ont the map. Events are frequent and loot boxes are hidden around the map for you to find!


Come join Pengu PVP


Server Stats

Dino Damage 1
Player Damage 1
Structure Damage 2
Player Resistance 1
Dino Resistance 1
Structure Resistance 1
XP 3
Taming Speed 8.5

Harvesting 3

Resource Health1
Draining 0.3
Starvation 0.35
Dino Hunger 1
Stamina 0.5
Dino Stamina 0.9
Regeneration 1
Player Harvesting Damage 1.5
Dino Regeneration 1
Dino Count 1
Decay 1
Resource Respawn 0.3
Regrow on Structures 0.2

Regrow 0.5
Platform Saddle Modifier 3
Lay Egg Interval 0.6
Dino Turret Damage 1
Dino Harvesting Damage 2.5

Custom Recipe Effectiveness 2

Custom Recipe Skill 2
Mating Multiplier 0.6
Egg Hatch Speed 10
Kill XP 1
Harvest XP 1
Supply  Crate Quality2
Fishing Loot Quality 7
Crop Growth Speed 35
Fuel Consumption 1.313
Baby Mature Speed    18   
Baby Cuddle Interval    0.1   
Baby Imprinting Stat Scale 1
Baby Cuddle Grace Period    1   
Baby Food Consumption    2   
Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality    1   

Player Weight 2.5
Player Health 2

Player Stamina 2

Player Fortitude 3

Dino (tamed and hatched) Weight 2
Dino (tamed and hatched) Health 2
Dino (tamed and hatched) Stamina 2


Dinos Included on the map:

Griffins, Gasbags, Manas, Snow Owls, Enforcers, Gachas, Scouts.


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