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NA. 24/7 **PVE** server set to pvp.18+. The Center. NON prim. FRESH 12/4/16

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THE WHOLE MAP IS PVE AT ALL TIMES, unless there is a pvp event going on in that location.

if your interested in having fun and not having to worry if you base will be destroyed while your gone, or you work for a living, then keep reading. if your someone who likes to raid whenever, then stop reading.

there are 5 admins on my server. they have been with me from almost the start. they might take part in some of the events, but will not get prizes and will not place in the events. each admin can run there own event as long as I know about it. 

this server is a PVE server that is set to pvp. there will be weekly events for pvp matches. there are 10 active people on the server. only character downloads are allowed.

tribe limit is set to 5. your allowed one base. this helps with lag. building random crap will not be tolerated. if you need to build a bed to respawn somewhere then respawn and destroy the bed and foundation.  your allowed 1 building that is at most 10x10x6 and 2 buildings that are 5x5x5 and one 3x3x2 green house. no more than 6 behemoth gate.


TROPICAL SOUTH ISLAND IS A PVP ZONE AT ALL TIMES. if you are over there for any reason you can be killed and looted at any time.



dino fights are SAT 10:00 pm east coast U.S. time. the schedule of events for each week are on notes in a large chest at the community center. the com center is also were the dino fights are held.

other event are headhunter, pacer raids, gladiator battles, boss battles, racing and admin specific events. all will be explained later and when you join. all rules are on notes in chest at the community center. the main events have the best prizes and are held on sunday from 7:30pm est to around 10pm est.

headhunter rule. main event

no tribe alliance. admins allowed. will be held at and around the battle arena. collect as many implants as you can. special prizes for collecting the most admin implants. each person will mindwipe to level 1. your allowed one boat. that is your safe zone. you can not shoot off your boat and you cant be shot on your boat. hide and cloth armor only. crossbow and bow only. only stone arrows.

boss battles.

server alliance. admin spawns in a boss and controls it. the fight keeps going till the boss is dead. if its still alive at the end of the event. no prizes are given out.

pacer raids. main event.

no tribe alliance. limited admins. each tribe has a pacer they are defending. you can put what ever you want on it. you can use any ammo, any armor, any weapon. only 10 dinos allowed and all must be different. gigas are allowed.


I have put in place a way to buy high level ascendant blue prints and items. once a week XUR (The Admin Is On) will come to the community center. you will be able to buy anything from him as far as weapons and armor and saddles go. 100 sauropod vertebrae gets you an ascendant item, 100 rex arms gets you a mastercraft item, and 100 argy talons will get you a journeyman item. 200 of all those plus 200 rhino horns and 200 teeth (1000 total) gets you any blue print you want. new to the xur, is wyvern talons. every time I get on I try and spawn in at least 6 of each wyvern, wild. the talons are used to buy any tamable dino that I can spawn in. 10 of each(30 total) gets you a 150 dino of your choosing. 15 of each gets you a 160, 20 of each gets you a 170 and so on up to a 250 dino. the talons plus 2 rex trophies allows you to pick the gender.



tame  600

xp      8.0

harvest health     1.0 helps with lag.

harvest respawn     0.0

hatching  90     so they don't hatch as soon as they drop.

mating interval   0.0 ( they drop an egg and mate again)

baby food         0.0

wild dino torpor      0.1      makes it easier for single member tribes. gigas are still tough to tame though.

dino health         .22

dino melee        .44

dino food drain     4.9 (makes taming faster)

dino weight     20.0

dino harvest      1.0 its set this way to help keep the lag spikes down.

player harvest    15.0

player weight stat   30.0

dino weight            20.0

player stam/water/food drain     0

long days short nights


more to come later.

if this peaks your interest post below. i'll send you a party invite around 7:00 est U.S.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCMENT: for those that stick around, you will have first access to the rented server if they come out with them. we will all start fresh, no transfer at all.

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11 hours ago, bittererbobdob said:

xbox live had issues. I sent some of you friend request with my player account. some of you had sketchy GT accounts. no friends or very little friends and/or low Gamerscore. yea that's right I did a background check. lol.

Hey I accepted your request, ill message you when im on tonight. I may have a 3 man tribe that would like to come over.

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