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Acension Character Deletion

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Acension Character Deletion

Okay, I own Ark on three platforms, PC, PS4, and Switch, and am still relatively new to the game. I started in December of 2018 and with the Switch version, hence my move to other platforms. Anyway, I am not the most hardcore player, but I was enjoying playing split screen with a friend on the PS4 version of the Island. I was taking this game a little more seriously since it was my friend's first experience and I got a base going, plenty of animals, progressing my goal of collecting all the dossiers, filled out the map, etc. Then, I gamma ascended and my character was completely wiped. There was nothing to download when I was taken back to character creation. A rage quit and Google search later and it turns out this is probably a known bug that might happen if downloads are allowed from other places in the server settings.

Now, my questions here are 1) is there a known recovery method and/or workaround, 2) is this actually a known bug being either worked on or ignored, and 3) my tribemate was not with me so her character persists and my creatures do as well, but they are still considered owned by my previous character as well as my buildings; how do I reclaim them?

I appreciate the help in advance.

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