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pve [A1] New Server Launched Nov. 1st! | XPx3 Hx3 Tx6 Bx8 | Over 10 Maps | Clustered

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PVE | Long Term Servers | NOT pay to win | QoL Plugins | Active Admins | Friendly Community | Cross Server Chat | Players from NA, EU, AUS, and more!

Genesis DLC will be added once released

**New Gaia Server JUST launched! 

[PVE] Gaia Server: 


Gaia Server Rates:

Experience: 5x

Harvesting: 6x

Taming: 10x

Breeding: 12x

Weight & Fortitude: 4x

Gaia Server Mods:

Gaia Server Modpack - Steam Link

New or veteran, [A1] Gaming Community accepts all players into our non toxic, non discriminatory, and non bigotry community. With our friendly & active community, supportive & knowledgeable admins, you will have no problem feeling right at home at [A1].

[PVE] 8 Map Main Cluster:

Journey across all 8 maps. With cross-server chat, you’ll be able to share every bit of your journey with the rest of us.


The Island:

Scorched Earth:




The Center:


Main Cluster Rates:

[A1] has a unique Patron voting system for weekly bonuses. Every week is a different experience with a new flavor that keeps things exciting and helpful.

Max Player level: 181 with ascension

Max Dino level: 300

Experience: 3x

Harvesting: 3x

Taming: 6x

Breeding: 8x

Weight & Fortitude: 3x

Main Cluster Mods:

[A1] aims to create a stress free, social gaming experience through a custom modpack and quality of life plugins. 

Steam Modpack Link


Competitive PVE Ladder Cluster:

Still want competition, but not the drama & daily stress PVP brings? Our seasonal Competitive Ladder Cluster is just the thing to scratch that competitive itch with our custom made land and water arenas. Details in the Discord. 

Competitive Ladder Maps:


Shigo Islands:

Competitive Ladder Mods:

Steam Mod List Link

Competitive Ladder Rates:

Max Player level: 181 with ascension

Max Dino level: 315

Experience: 5x

Harvesting: 4x

Taming: 6x

Breeding: 12x

Weight & Fortitude: 3x


A1 Community Links:

Discord Invite

Facebook Page

[A1] staff and its community have built a robust gaming experience for players since 2015. We are a bunch of people who have this in common: we love gaming and we love gaming together.

The Community itself is what makes [A1] unique. Our long standing player base not only support each other through the challenges of Ark, but also share experiences & memories in other games like Atlas, 7 Day to Die, Conan, and many more. [A1] is looking for players not just to play on our servers, but people we can build lifelong friendships with.

As [A1]'s Gaming Family continues to grow, we’d love for you to be a part of it! Click that Discord link to experience our community for yourself and see if it's right for you. 

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