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Aberration Dino Spawn Issues

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Aberration Dino Spawn Issues

I'm an admin on a private server I run with a few friends, recently we've been seeing a lot of creatures spawning in places they're not supposed to.

-Glowtails spawning down in the drake pit.

-Megalosaurus spawning up in the Fertile Lake/Portal area.

-Spinos spawning in the Luminescent Marshlands

-Hordes (and I mean HORDES) of Ravagers, Aberrant Araneo, and Aberrant Titanoboas spawning in the Grave of the Lost.

-Raptors spawning on the southwest surface area.

One of the guys on the server messaged me in-game and reported that a bunch of Rock Drakes were attacking his tames in the river valley. By the time I got there, though, his turrets had killed them, so I never actually saw the drakes in the river valley. But all the other ones I have seen.

I've done Wild Dino wipes and that doesn't seem to have fixed the problem, only made it worse. In fact, after the wipe it seems the number of creatures spawning tripled. After one wipe, the riverbanks were just absolutely flooded with Spinos and Karkinos and the Portal area had so many Megalosaurs in it, the server crashed, and I had to do another wipe. Now, daily we have to travel the map killing off the all the overflow of dinos.

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This might be related to Fear Evolved event. You probably heard about hundred thousands of raptors and wyverns overspawning on Valguero and/or Ragnarok.

There were also reports about massive numbers of Megalos, Drakes and Karkinos on Aberration.

I have my own server set on Aberration at the moment (v 300.1) and I turned off this buggy event immediately. No signs of overspawns.

If you'd like to turn off Fear Evolved, just add "-ActiveEvent=None" to your server's start command (without quotation marks) and then make a wild dino wipe. Maybe this will help.

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