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Community Crunch 202: Mysterious Mysteries ????, Fear Evolved 3, and On The Horizon

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PvP players... need your atention. I understand the events .. but fix stuff!!  New cluster needed or reset official. Focus on the Cheaters fast.. ! you have a game with great potential ..but atm is ju

PixArk was not developed by Wildcard Studios. You need to direct that at the company that did develop it.

Has no one thought of the fact with taxidermy we can get Dodorex and all the other event creatures for fear evolved and keep them as a trophy in our bases? Also, i think we might be getting an underwa

5 minutes ago, Fernlopez35 said:

Is this event gonna be able to play in single player console(PS4)? And if so would it just be like an update that shows up in console(before game start up)? Also, if so would future events be present in single player like the Christmas/Easter/Arkaeology/etc?

Thank you!

Should be. Xbox works just how you described for singleplayer, but you can't run events after the have finished on SP so clear your calender and make the most of it.

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5 hours ago, Armywife19 said:

we have tried to figure out how to get the events active on single and non dedicated server but they dont seem to work. and code or ways to activate them?

You use the line -ActiveEvent=(insert event name here) as a launch argument.

Keep in mind that Fear Evolved hasn't started yet, so you can't enable it yet.

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It doesn't say anything about colors but then again it says "stay tuned for more details on the event" so I keep my hopes up for colors.....

Items, dodorex and zombie wyverns are cool but that lasts few days then we go back to having nothing to do. Compared to when we get to tame colors we can breed them for months.

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