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Native Dinos only Servers



Native Dinos only Servers

     Managarmr on Aberration?  As a long-time player of this map on unofficial and official, they alter the way the map plays completely.

    - They remove the aspect of difficulty that makes that map appealing.

    - They allow players to circumvent the gameplay of the map by skipping a lot of it.  Working your way up to a rock drake and waiting for it to mature is no longer necessary.

    - They are a DLC creature, giving players with that DLC a pay-to-win advantage.

    - The map was supposed to be no flyers.  That's what makes it unique and interesting.  Manas diminish that greatly.

     Why does new content have to make older content less enjoyable?  People like me still play this map, it's just much harder to enjoy with these tames present.

          My suggestion is this:  Since some people like using manas on AB, and some don't want them there, why not make some official servers (Especially pvp servers) native dinos only and designate them as such?  This could apply to all maps, not just Aberration.  That's the best way I can think of to accommodate as many players as possible.

                          Thanks for reading. :)



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That's what bugs me about that mechanic - they obviously allowed Extinction tames in it to hype up their new content.

What I personally want is the Native Creatures config to be usable on every map, but also to have a config available to add/remove creatures. for example now, the Aberrant Styracosaurus from Kraken's Better Dinos would not count as a native Aberration creature.

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