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PC Steam loss of connectivity now kills Ark's process ?

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PC Steam loss connectivity now kills Ark's process ?


I noticed that, recently, when connectivity to Steam is lost, Ark's process gets instantly killed. It used to "only" block transfers, in the past, but game process would not be killed.

My teammate also noticed it (as he used to leave his Ark process running, while putting his PC to sleep).

This cannot be reproduced by just putting Friends list offline.

Is this new behavior ? Have I missed it in patchnotes ?

Can anybody confirm ?

If this is confirmed, it is rather terrible news for anybody doing bosses. As it is common for Steam to just give up connectivity to large geographical regions, for a few seconds (maintenances, outages, ...).



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Happening regularly to my wife and I's PC's too, it's only started happening recently. Makes doing anything outside of base a really dodgy affair as you have no idea at any point if the game's just going to suddenly close. Four times for mine, three times for my Wifes just last night alone. Prior to the last patch this "almost" never happened.

A quick look on steam status sites shows the times tally up with low connectivity availablity to steam.

@Cedric are WC aware of this at all, this is a worrying change if its intentional (which I'm sure it can't be).

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yep if steam itself loses connectivity it closes ark faster then you can with alt+f4, its widespread not just 'some' people, happening all over the world with steam. 

its not just ark that's effected by it though, yesterday when steam dropped everyone on my friends list got kicked from the game they were playing. 

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