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Hi guys I’m recruiting sorry if this is in the wrong area but here I go.

if your looking for a good (unofficial PC server) on Xbox with great admins try out ours Trufiber. It has every map ark produced.. For the past few servers I’ve had nothing but problems with admin abuse. Admins wiping my base killing me and my Dino’s so I was just hopping server to server finding one that was good and came across the new server cluster that gives out starters I joined the admins party and they were all adults who run the server and they were very kind and respectful. Now I’ve been on here for 2 months and never had any problems with admins they take their jobs seriously and try to be friendly with all players. 


Server cluster name is TruFiber

Discord is  crKCDFs

it’s boosted but not excessively boosted they try to keep stats close to official

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