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Okay Guys so these are my favorite animals to tame in Ark based on UTILITY

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Okay Guys so these are my favorite animals to tame in Ark based on UTILITY

Hey guys, Since I dont have anything to do right now i just thought it would be a cool idea to share the top 10 animals that I PERSONALLY THINK are the best when it comes to utility. And yes they're in order. These animals are based from the map Ragnarok. So here you go.....

1. Argentavis - This bird is amazing when it comes to transportation of materials because they have extremely good weight and have good stamina so you can fly for a good period of time before stopping. They are also pretty good when it comes to defending itself because it can do pretty decent melee. They can also carry a great variety amount of animals making them good for taming and transporting animals. The only drawback with these majestic bird is that they are slow so I wouldn't suggest this guy when it comes to scouting or escaping if your base is getting raided.

2. Ankylosaurus - We all know, or at least should, that metal is a really important resource in Ark. And the best way to harvest it is the Ankylosaurus. They specifically gather tons of metal per hit and now the only thing you have to do is transport and smelt it. And they are decent at gathering berries too. Their drawback would be that they get encumbered rather quickly and are painfully slow. So you'll most likely want to have a spare argy or quetzal so you can move it around and back to base when you're done harvesting.

3. Doedicurus - Besides the Rock Elemental, this guy is a stone harvesting god. And im putting this guy before the Rock Elemental for the reason that you get the saddle at a low level (level 34) and they have pretty decent weight. That is really good especially when youre an early to mid player and really need resources for your stone base. They also have a really fun roll thing that makes him go faster but does drain stamina.

4. Mammoth/Beaver -  The kings at wood gathering. I tied this 2 because of the reason that they both are amazing at gathering wood but their only difference is size. If you don't have much space or like to keep a low profile on a PvP world than the beaver is the duder for you. But if you have a large space and don't mind spending a really long time taming something  just for wood than the mammoth fits you. The thing with the beaver is that they take quite a few narcotics to tame so if you come unprepared than don't expect a beaver on your team. Also mammoths have far way more weight but are slower.

5. Rock Elemental - This guy is especially good in pvp for high level tribes because they are extremely good soakers against turrets and they easily demolish stone! Theyre basically war mounts and thats all id really use them for. But they are pretty good at it. They are also pretty good at harvesting stone and a few other stuff and extremely good weight and obviously a lot of health. They are pretty vulnerable to fall damage though so i wouldn't suggest running of cliffs or anything like that.

6. Pteranodon - This early game mount is included in the list just because of the fact that they are really fast and have a barrel attack that deals tons of damage and makes them go even faster. You can use this guy to fly across the map in a short amount of time and are pretty good to use as scouting mounts because of their speed and stealth. And because of the fact that they're so easy to tame and they're saddle isn't hard to make people use them to gather wyvern eggs. They're only drawback is that they're weight kinda sucks so you'll have to level that up quite a bit.

7. Quetzal - This guy are hard and can be a pain in the ass when it comes to taming them if you don't have the right flying mounts (griffin, tapejara with someone on passenger seat) or are a solo player. But if you finally get it then you'll see that your hard work payed off. They got extremely good weight, health, and pretty decent stamina. They are also capable of grabbing large animals such as mammoths making this guy one of the best at transporting animals. You can also get a platform saddle for him and make a mobile base or a war base with a bunch of turrets. The drawback with this guys is that they are painfully slow and don't really have high melee.

8. Mantis - I put this guys all the way to number 7 because of the way u need to tame, which is passive. And when taming I think they'll only take kibble and deathworm horns. And since praying mantis are so vicious youll either need to trap it or wear bug repellent and a ghillie suit. But when you get it it can be super useful because of the reason that you can equip weapons on its hands (pincers? Arms?) and gather anything. If you want wood just equip it with a hatchet. If you want flint or metal just equip it with a pickaxe.

9. Tyrannosaurus Rex - Theres no other better dinosaur than the T-rex when it comes to battling in boss fights. They also got pretty high melee damage and you can easily defend your base against other players and their tames if you have a high level pack of these guys. They are also pretty good at harvesting meat.

10. Therizinosaur - Some of you guys might get mad that i put this guy all the way to tenth place. But personally, it think he belongs here for the reason that he is incredibly time consuming to tame and that he's weight SUCKS. They are awesome wood, berry gatherers but they get encumbered so quickly and its annoying. The fact that they can break through stone makes them great at raiding though. And i guess you could take it to boss fights although i don't find that very convenient as there's the T-rex which is easier to tame and has more melee.

So there you have it guys. Please don't hate on me, like i said this is my PERSONAL list. I'll be happy to see what your order is though and wether you approve of mine or wether you would tweak some things. But yeah, have a wonderful day and have fun playing Ark! =D

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My top five are as follows

1 Lightning Wyvern -  The single most versatile combat mount in ARK, if you don't have one you clearly don't understand the Meta.

2 Giganotosaurus - With the release of Extinction the Giga went from a PVP only dino to a master of farming with OSDs.  Using a single imprinted Giga I can farm red drops and get tons of Hard Polymer and Metal by breaking down Metal Behemoth gates and other structures which are common red OSD drops.  They can also run all of the Extinction caves with Ease, they are the best mount for extinction by far.

3 Baryonyx - Any water exploration or cave diving I do on my Blue Baryonyx which is named Blueberry.  The water stun spam is so damn strong it's amazing it has gone this long without a nerf.  They are also so small they fit in pretty much every cave entrance on the island.

4 Rex -  The boss fighter, I wish i had more praise for the rex, but it is outclassed by the giga in almost every way other than its use for Island and scorched boss fights.  A good HP rex is one of the best sponges in the game.

5 Griffin - I know, I know, they were hit with a nuclear nerf, but they still have that all important ability which no other flyer has, YOU CAN SHOOT OFF THEIR BACK WHILE FLYING.  Enough said.

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sounds like the basic lineup of dino's i use, but im trying to expand abit and try new things as well now :) keep it interesting, first thing i normally tame is a ptera, then use that to pull in a argy to my trap, tame the argy,

Next go for a low level anky so i can start farming metal, and i grab a low level doedic as well for gathering stone.  People say the low levels don't help but when your a low level character, they help immensely.

Mammoths are a super long tame but I find them easier to tame then beavers, so a good mammoth is always helpful for the wood gathering, expecially with them only having 12.5 weight per stack of wood. 

Rex, who wouldn't want a rex? they are great for base defense, meat and hide gathering, and can always breed them up for boss fights :D, just tamed another high level tek rex today so i can start breeding those guys as i never have. 

Theri are great, good for fiber, can collect alot of wood too, but no weight bonus for that so they need high weight, I actually prefer my mammoths over the theri for berries, i seem to get more with them then it. but fiber, nothing beats them.  

For thatch i tame one of the bucks, yeah people don't like them but I do, they work great for that and in no time you can have more thatch then you ever needed, expecially if you boost their weight and melee.

now... top fav dinos when im already established on a server:

  1. Snow Owl - great for going anywhere on the map and can fly for just about forever if you don't do the dive, easy to level up for weight so you can carry alot of stuff on them for transport
  2. Argy - Nothing still beats a good weight argy except a gasbag, i use the argy's when im building, shove them full of supplies and go to where im building.
  3. Gasbag - great for transporting large quanties of stuff from point A to point B.  don't think anything beats them yet.
  4. Giga - I use it for base defense & meat gathering
  5. Wyvern - fast flying travel mainly,  usually when i need to fly across the map and know where im headed, i'll take the wyvern. I hardly ever attack anything on them but have joined in on a couple high level alpha kills.
  6.  Rex - Boss fights! yar!
  7. Yuty - Boss fights again! yar! always good to take a yuty along for the buff they give to the rexs.
  8. Griffon - just about as useful as owls, and can fly just about as far, plus they look super cool and everyone seems to want them ;)
  9. Crab - The crab i find very useful, buff up the guys weight, almost everything ingores it, grab two doedic in its claws, walk around while the doedic smash rock, when they get full, transfer the rock to the crab, and grab another round of rock before heading home.
  10. My starter dino lineup - they all still have usefulness in one form or another.

I primarly build stuff for the tribe, and do abit of taming, so most my dino's are for transport and gathering.  I do go into caves with them once in awhile, and i can just hear them laughing when they hear my reactions in there.

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1) Argy- Everybody above covered it's amazing usefulness. Quick tame, good hp, good weight, decent attack, hp regen, weight reduction, carry a high number of dino's. Simply the most useful all around tame in Ark.

2) Procoptodon- Underutilized but great berry gatherer with good weight and amazing escape capabilities with its kick knockback and leaping ability. 

3) Snow Owl- This birds major flaw is no pick ability and weaker melee but it's fast, great scout with predator vision, awesome heal ability, and if you're real fast with building the best assist to tame mount. Quick tame too.

4) Theri- A Theri can do just about anything. Wood, Berry, Meat, Bosses, Defense. A bit of a time consumer tame wise but perfect mid level dino that will last you until end game stuff. I can use a mate boosted pair and solo red drops without issue.

5) Anky- Best metal gatherer. Pretty simple. Get all you need in combo with an Argy.


Honorable mentions;

Direbear: Theri lite. Their downside to a Theri is they draw wild aggro and no veggie cake heal or strong wood gathering. Their upside is it is a much easier tame and swipe attack is stronger. 

Doedic: Best stone and if using on lamp posts, crystal gatherer. They have their use but aren't a necessity depending on your game goals.

Giga: If you got even a decent imprinted one you pretty much have nothing to fear in the wild.

Karkinos: Even better than Argy or Quetzal for metal runs, solo or group. If wild pick up is enabled, a top notch taming partner. 


If starting tomorrow and I was gifted one of each of those dino's (plus a mating pair of Theri's) I'd be running bosses as soon as I had 20 Theri's raised. The perfect dino list to knockout the lore of the game.

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1) Gasbags. Best weight of any dino, faster than even the managarmr when pumped in speed levels, and is arguably the best dino for tanking damage. Its a must have.

2) Wyvern. Amazing combat, pretty fast, can carry dinos and a fair amount of weight, and can even gather a fair amount of materials on its own. Its not the best but probably the most versatile dino.

3) Anky. The world of ark runs on metal. If you wanna craft anything late game it will involve metal. Metal is one of the most common currencies for trade as well. The anky can gather other materials as well and can hold its own against most wild dino attacks.

4) Crab. If you wanna do a resource run this is the one to use. Just walk around and let the dino harvester or a tribemate swing. Abberation metal runs are insane with a crab + anky.

5) Archeopteryx. This one is mostly here out of my love for it but if you're just starting out fresh (notably on extinction, also SE and rag due to accessability) your first tame should be this. It can increase your suitability 10 fold and is easy to tame. Whenever you're attacked just jump off a ledge. Best starter "mount".

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i think snails are very underated because they give you cementing paste every 30 seconds and if you have a lot of them you will never run short on cementing paste. they are probably  so underated because they are so slow and that you have to tame them with sweet veggie cake but you can pick them up and veggie cake isnt actually that hard to make. i think theyre real name is like, achitina or somthing like that.

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