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I am having a 1.2 gig update, that is taking forever to d/l. 

This has happened a few times in the past.  I think game files get corrupted and they need to be re downloaded.

Once I had like 1 or 2 gigs that needed to be downloaded, but it was so slow... as in not downloading for long periods of time that I just uninstalled and reinstalled. 

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I'm still at work, but I'll check when I get home.

BTW, where the heck are the patch notes now posted? I stopped playing ARK for a few years and am just getting back into it. I see some really old patch notes in this forum, but can't seem to locate the latest.

OK, answering my own question. Seems they just edit an old post, so the date of the post is old, but it has the latest patch notes. This one has I think just three changes.

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if your update size keeps growing or it keeps looping and installing the update over and over, then the update has fubared for you.

To fix it, you need to pause the update, then go to your library, right click Ark, click properties, then go to local files tab, and verify integrity of game files.

Mind you this is going to take a long time, and i'll probably end up downloading more then the 3.1gb update (for ark with all dlc).  You'll also see a bunch of the ark files are ''currupt' due to the install screwing up.  Sorry guys, this is the only solution that i've found that can be done when this happens. when it happened to me twice with previous installs of ark i was told 'oh it must be your computer' but thats just not the case.

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Yeah I'm having a similar problem - Ark is downloading the patch to about 13GB and seems to be simultaneously unpacking it - so it ends up taking up more than 122GB of space on my disk.  It ends up with an error message.


Will try the Check game files integrity and see if thet works.


Update... Umm, nope.  Reinstall...... *sigh*

Wildcard - 120+gig of required space for a patch is TOO MUCH!

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Updates from Ark are most of times screwed, but this one sure is the big winner.
It constantly needs more and more space, plus it takes forever to do it background thing. It's now more than 18 hours, and it constantly stuck, cause it tells me that is without space (300+GB). 

And just to a 12GB update. 
Not talking that 12GB to just that, is a real shame on that code, or they are hiding something to us. 

  • Fixed an exploit
  • Fixed an issue with rare BSOD (blue screen of death) occurence

v299.26 - 10/10/19

  • Cryopods are now able to be crafted at obelisk
  • Added HLN-A Explorer Notes 1-5 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added Corrupted Avatar Armor helmet for Genesis Chronicles


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Yep, that's riddiculous indeed. 1.3 GB downloading for two hours for now and it's still not finished.

And 1.3 GB of just few things fixed, which fixed other few things meant to fix something else not yet fixed.

Wildcard coding incompetence + Steam updating system = colossal catastrophe. Every time an "update" is being launched.

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After reinstall the patch should be larger as its grabbing data for more then one patch.

the two recent patches were at tops of 3.2gb, and 145mb  for my tribemates and myself, andyone who went over that with the first patch from yesterday ended up having issues, most the people I play with were able to validate their game files and it replaced the damaged files from the patch messing up.  

Feel sorry for those of you who had to reinstall the game, that's just horrible, so much to download for that.   Suggestion if you can - back up your current working ark directory, so if it totally screws up again, you can restore it from the backup and have less to download for a reinstall.

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