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No s*** its a NETWORK ISSUE.  I STATED THAT IN MY FIRST POST. OMG.   Its Obviously something going on with Wildcards NETWORK.... omg... do i have to hit you with a board to make you actually read what

My problem - Joe and the amount of misinformation he tosses at people about problems at hand.  He assumes too much rather then stating 'he doesnt now'  he was told it was happening on multiple platfor

PERHAPS you don't understand properly,  lets spell it out ARK VIA EPIC LAUNCHER is doing the SAME THING.

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5 minutes ago, DiamondDagger said:

if I can disable it for now and still play ark it would be awesome.

If you disable it you won't be able to play on anything connected to the internet for obvious reasons.

You will be able to play locally on single player.

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Glad they are working on this!  We need our dinos.  I have some lowbie event Lightnings that are very cool...  Gonna fuse stats when they go breedable next week!  If the patch really drops then, that is.


3 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

This guy f*cks.

Dude, I have literally gotten a warning/temp ban and posts deleted for this exact thing (forum profanity "censor bypass" it was called).  What the heck Joe, lmao...  Should be better than that.

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2 minutes ago, STUL said:

if i need anymore crap today since our valg server was offline for 8 hours and lost 11 magm babies and now i crash with this :( bad luck day for me.....hope its fixed soon as it seams steam boards are full of people having same issues :(

Welcome to the party.

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