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pve [EU]Ark Dynasty PrimalFear PVE Valguero


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[EU]Ark Dynasty PrimalFear PVE Valguero

[EU]Ark Dynasty PrimalFear PVE Valguero
Welcome to Ark Dynasty is a small PVE EU Server currently running the Valguero map with the Primal Fear mod pack!
As a new server we are hoping to grow and become a cluster, We welcome all to the server may they be new or experienced players.
We have a avriety of mods running on the server and Currently in the process of creating shops to create a greater community feel.

Server Settings

• Player XP: x10

• Harvest: x10

• Taming: x30

• Crop growth: x30

• Difficulty: 20.0 (Level 600 wild dinos)

• Egg Laying Interval: 0.3

• Egg Hatch Speed: x30

• Baby Mature Speed: x30

• Engrams Unlocked

Server IP:
Server Name:
[EU] Ark Dynasty PrimalFear PVE XP/H10/T30


Code Of Conduct:

1 No talk about Religion or Politics. (We understand everyone has their own view points, and opinions. But do try to keep text and talk game related.)

2. No Racist/Sexist/Homophobic slurs or hate speech. (We have a zero tolerance policy for the aforementioned)

3. No Pillar/Foundation spam, unless building in that location.

4. Play fair (No use of exploits/meshing.) and be kind to your fellow community member(s).

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