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Forum censorship?

Hello, yesterday, I wrote here topic about me and my friend returning to ark after 2 years and being instanly wiped twice from oficial servers by existing tribes. I also asked for some advice of how to approach next server. But today that topic was probably deleted, when i tried to get to its url i got forum error.

I dont recall writing anything inappropriate, so did it got deleted because it openly stated that this game is completely unfriendly to new players, or why is it not present here anymore?

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Yes discussing moderation is not allowed on the open forums.

However, having said that, your topic is still there, it was just merged into a topic with a similar returning players theme.

You also would have received an automatic notification of said merge.

I suggest you view your profile to easily find your posts. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/415495-sigin/

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