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Genesis creature and dino guesses and ideas

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Genesis creature guesses and ideas

this is just to discus creatures you might think will be in Genesis or ideas you have for creatures that you want to be in Genesis
here are some of my guesses/ideas:


a giant spider or tarantula

a rideable tailless whip scorpion

a rideable humming bird and dragon fly hybrid

a ampithere

a rideable woodpecker that harvests wood

Based on real prehistoric animals:

a lobster/shrimp based on the prehistoric shrimps, prawns, and lobsters mainly Jurassic

something based off of prehistoric lacewings and scorpion flies

Chresmoda obscura a giant prehistoric waterskater

Tetrapodophis a snake with four small legs

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2 hours ago, jurassicjoey said:

need more dino not made up things.  go back to it roots

you do realize that i made this to talk about creature and dinos that people want to be in genesis or think will be in genesis
so please instead of criticizing what i think or want in game talk about/say what you want in the game
and honestly i couldn't careless whether the new creatures are based off of something real, based on myth, or just completely made up as long as it is cool and useful

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I would like them to go back to dinos that where around, or a slight twist on them, not 100% but i dont think the giga was that big?... i would like to see more under water tames to be honest, as based on what we can currently tame, there is only 3 types we could take in to this fight and only one at the moment doesnt get affected by jelly fish or eel attacks. and if this cave is deep, meaning we will be losing life before the fight has started. 

so i would like to see different sharks or the Thalattoarchon which was discovered 2013 

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