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Blighted Vault of the Monster

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My Sword Damage isn‘t crazy at all, there are by far better swords.

My character is build on Melee Damage (to end up fights quicker), and Speed (to run away from stronger dinos (Theriz or Megatherium), and build up space between them and me) for killing them with the Bow.

It‘s all a matter of the right strategy, where to go on an infight and where to take the bow.

The Bonus from the Tek-Armor (Melee and Speed) is helping a lot.

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Sometimes he‘s running around a lot (then it‘s harder with the sword), but most of the time he turns only on the same place.

Yesterday I killed him in 30s, because he stood still at the same place.

It‘s definitely one of the bosses, besides the Frog, who could be killed most of the time in under 1 minute.

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