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pvp PVP Alpha Project Cluster 4mantribes 3H 10T 10B/max 200/ Shop/MoneyRewards

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This server is focused on endless progression and giving players a better end game with special events server made by experimented pvp players,outside having every 7 official map we include a Starter Zone, a hardcore hunting server both weekly wipe and our new Raid server .We do help for bosses and frequently do extintion osd/vein group up and loot sharing have lot of experience and here to help new players but when it come to pvp its 1tribe vs 1tribe no one outside have the right to help by any way otherwise it would be meaningless to be 4mantribes
if you are the kind of player that never experimented end game content our community working in the way to help you reaching it. we dont bully we help. we played enough to be at the point we only enjoy legit raid vs end game players so dont expect griefing by our community.
 ( connected to the cluster but with different rates)
this server contain several raids and world bosses, Dinos hp per level been increased and turret damage is set to x4 to reduce the number of turrets to avoid lags on the server. raids include several bosses. each boss come with his Treasure vault (beginner to medium its in the group leader inventory) bosses take time and need strategy in order to down. bosses and Treasure vault contain huge amount of element and vault contain a lot of bp armors saddle and mats of all kind. allosaurus are used as glass canon his bleeding effect cause 5% damages on raid dinos but they do get 1 shot by any source of damage, laying traps caging adds every tactic is good to use in order to speed up the raid otherwise some fight can take over 30min but the reward is great and worth the trouble . This server was tested by our players the raids are really entertaining and make the end game state way more challenging with endless content. The last raid is not a joke best loots of the game are inside and the first team to do 100% completion on the raid will win 250$ as reward.join our discord for the raids picture/info and the loot table
raid server dont mean its the only server u can raid. it just mean its dedicated hand made raid server. you can raid as you wish on the normal cluster
Starter Zone
This server is for the new player to have a safe start there a lvl 5 item named Reward vault that contain a starter kit.In this server you gain double exp but its upload only and wipe every Sunday 20:30 UTC/GMT -4. its the only pve server of our cluster.
This server is a hunting ground theres great risk but also  great rewards, upload only,weekly map rotation., hardcore mode is activated (you die you lose ur char) taming speed reduced to x5, dino max level increased to 160, pvp mode activated. in order to leave with ur loot remember to not choose the same server as ur main character to not overwrite it, the most efficient way is to have a prebuild fob hidden with a pin coded and deposit the dinos/loot inside.


We have a complete shop containing all dinos/most of stuff you need to buy theres also several stuff you can sell including trophies,tribute,elements in order to farm some points otherwise you receive 5 point per 10minute. Theres also a loyalty system used with the TCs reward vault. these point you can only have it over time and can buy some stuff when you played enough time. the vault are also a good mural storage system.

7 pvp maps (all official)

never wipes

upload activated

download activated

server ratio unchanged



JOIN US:  https://discord.gg/rJSkggx


Serverstart: 11 september 2019

Next Wipe: Never wipe.


No teaming in pvp only. its 4mantribes for a reason

 No cheating,Meshing,Meshbiting,Quetz cage cheap tactic.


Structures Plus - StackMeMore - TCs Auto Rewards - Awesome Spyglass

ARkshop mod/plugin

Subscribe to them all: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1848653781

removed items from structure plus :

s+ repair gun

s+ tek forcefield

s+ personal teleporter

s+ vacuum structures

s+ blueprintmaker

S+ Tek ATV

s+ Mutator

s+planetary shield

sleeping bag

climbing pick

server cluster :

The Island

The center


Scorched Earth




Starter Zone


Raid server


join our servers in one click



 Extinction: steam://connect/

 The Island: steam://connect/

 The Center: steam://connect/

Ragnarok: steam://connect/

Aberration: steam://connect/

 Scorched Earth: steam://connect/

 Valguero: steam://connect/

Event Servers

Raid server: steam://connect/

Starter Zone steam://connect/

Heilheim: steam://connect/

server rates

Harvesting x3

Ressource respawn x10

XP table been reworked  (1-135 is quicker than smalltribes  135-200 take way more dedication)

Taming x10

Breeding x10

Food and Water consumption reduced by 50% ( thx god)

Servers Info

4 mans Tribes

No official alliances

Admins Log ON (to show admins dont cheat)

170 PlayerLevels + 30 Ascension Levels ( movement speed and crafting skill reduced by 50%)

Elements and trophy can be transfered

150 turret limit

Cave structure damage reduced to X2

Interserver chat linked to discord


Admins streaming on discord regularly


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