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pvp AP Cluster | PVP-4man | allmaps/shop/orp/pveweek/pvpweekend/loot/ A/H /neverwipe

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We reworked entirely our cluster after more than 6 month opened in order to give to any kind of players a pvp experience more casual and less toxic with endless progression our shop include more than 450 item on buy/sell , a extanded loot/chest system from alpha and bosses kills shared with tribemember wich make rng and trading a main part of the game. we also  have raidserver some pvp event hosted on demand. the pvp is opened from friday 8:30 PM est to sunday 8:30 pm est and have an orp system and rules anti griefing to protect starter tribe againt more established one we also offer a 100% pve server on valg character transfer only. for more hardcore pvp players we have a second cluster with valg/abe/ext season that are focused on pvp only that wipe every 3month (look at second post)
join us on discord to speak with us directly https://discord.gg/rJSkggx


pvp cooldown = 1hour

time to activate = 30min

time to activate when pvp active after everyone offline = 1hour

max orp duration = 12hour

structure resistance x5

passive dino resistance x5

non passive dino resistance x2

ANTI POPCORNING when recent pvp


We have a server dedicated with 2 fobs ready to fight that we can open on demand of every tribe who want to fight or any group that want a fun based pvp event

team will get splited at start and players who join once started will get send into the less populated / weaker team. each 30min gamma to alpha boss will be spawned mid way several timer call will be sent. keydrops and loot table work on boss so they have a good kill value

rewards : 50 points you get 500 elements. saddle bp quality go from 100-150 armor and price range are betweeen 200-5000 points. flak bp quality vary between 525-650 armor and 750-1000 durability, price range also between 200-5000 points. spending time and ressources on warzone is not only fun and good pvp, some of the best stuff in the game can be purchased here.

tribes in wars who want to solve their conflict in a warzone can post in the dedicated section on our discord and when admins available they will setup the server and the reward stay the same.

admins have the right to record fight and post to our channel for community content purpose.

warzone event explained here :https://youtu.be/2HyjU3Qfgzk

this is a valguero server PVE clustered with out pvp server but only Character transfer is available. castlemods and valgueromods for everydinos are available.
 ( connected to the cluster but with different rates)
this server contain several raids and world bosses, Dinos hp per level been increased and turret damage is set to x2. raids include several bosses. each boss come with his Treasure vault (beginner to medium its in the group leader inventory) bosses take time and need strategy in order to down. bosses and Treasure vault contain huge amount of element and vault contain a lot of bp armors saddle and mats of all kind. allosaurus are used as glass canon his bleeding effect cause 5% damages on raid dinos but they do get 1 shot by any source of damage, laying traps caging adds every tactic is good to use in order to speed up the raid otherwise some fight can take over 30min but the reward is great and worth the trouble . This server was tested by our players the raids are really entertaining and make the end game state way more challenging with endless content. The last raid is not a joke best loots of the game are inside and the first team to do 100% completion on the raid will win 250k points as reward.join our discord for the raids picture/info and the loot table ( need at least video/proof of everystep been done legitimatly)
this server is the wilderness. no rules outside cheating, every man for himself. 
server rollback every sunday gmt-5


We have the best shop plugin available actually with the most complete shop with over 750 different items on the shop

shop setting

5 point per 10minutes.

/trade 'charname' (points) to trade points


possibility to sell/buy ressources

dinos/boss trophy can be sold for high amount

end game stuff into the shop are rng based.

prices are really well balanced. over 450 different items/pack into the shop.

a solo player can totally have his place into the cluster with this economy system

a lot of diversity making points a very valuable currency



Unique to this cluster every alpha and bosses have chances to drop keys. and keys loot table include most of ressource saddles and stuff everything is rng based.

Keys dropped from :
Common : given to players every hours
Rare : commonly dropped from alpha and bosses.
Epic : rarely droped from alpha dinos and commonly from bosses
Legendary : very rare drop from alpha dinos and rare drop from bosses
Mythic : very rare drop from alpha version of bosses and titans. rockwell have more chance to drop it

???: our loot system is vast and full of mystery 


7 pvp maps (all official)

never wipes

upload activated

download activated

server ratio unchanged



JOIN US:  https://discord.gg/rJSkggx


Serverstart: 11 september 2019

Next Wipe: Never wipe.


**[1.0] Community Rules:**

[1.1] Don’t judge admin actions: We are constantly working for the benefit of the server. Be polite.

[1.2] Don’t insult, advertise.

[1.3] Don’t spread wrong info about server

[1.4] No frequent complaints about bugs or lags: If you found a bug, please, add info about that in our discord. (Ticket) Bugs can be caused by game, and for often - server can’t fix it.

[1.5] Dont bring inside drama to admins,conflict must be solved between the tribes and admins should not get involved


**[2.0] Game Rules:**

[2.1] No hacks, exploits, scripts, bugs: If you see someone using this, please, fill this form and send to admin / discord.

[2.2] No toxic / already exiting words in player, tribe, dino name.

[2.3] No structure spam: Prohibited spam unused / non-fonctional buildings (for exemple, buildings left after taming Small area capture allowed!

[2.4] No spawn blocks: Prohibited building on resource spawns

[2.5] 1. No Genocide allowed! - This means the killing of all or almost all dinos that are on passive. If they are next to aggressive/neutral dinos or next to a structure you need to blow with C4, this is fine.

2. Frequent terrorization of low-level players or players in which you have an overall in-game higher level than; i.e. a level 130 fighting a level 50.

3. Frequent repeat raids of the same players / tribes(more than once a week) is not allowed.

4. No foundation wiping allowed. 5. BUT, if the low-level or recently raided player/tribe is aggressive, these rules may not be enforced.

[2.6] No Griefing : Its a PvP Server but theres a rules of equivalent force , New players Have the right to exist and even *alpha* tribes who raid other tek tier tribe weaker than them is not allowed, its to tribe responsability to evaluate correctly the situation and weak excuses wont be taken seriously

[2.7] No insiding":" Insiding is completely forbidden, this includes but is not limited to; leaving a tribe and taking items with you without tribe leader consent, disabling defences to allow entry to another tribe or causing destruction from within the base prior or after leaving the tribe. Whoever the tribe leader is has full ownership and can do with the tribe and its roster as they please. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in a trustful tribe, and if you wish to leave a tribe and take items with you then you must disclose it with your tribe leader first",

[2.8] No Teaming":"Tribes are not permitted to team when it comes to PvP. This includes but is not limited to things suich as; Joint raids against one or more tribes (8 v 4 etc), defending a tribe from another tribes attacks to provide mutual defences, coordinated attacks and more",

[2.9] Legitimate Character Name":"It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. You also may not call your character human,123" **

[3.0] Building:**

[3.1] Undermesh building not allowed: But, this rule don’t target turrets, if turrets placed only for defence. Turrets, that placed in undermesh couldn’t shoot over undermesh.



super structure -HG Stacking Mod 10000-90- TCs Auto Rewards - Awesome Spyglass-auto engrams - solo farmer - dino tracker

ARkshop mod/plugin - Mesh Police - Cluster Chat linked to discord - Lottery- orp

Subscribe to them all: 


removed items from structure plus :

ss repair gun

ss tek forcefield

ss personal teleporter

ss vacuum structures

ss blueprintmaker


ss Mutator

ss planetary shield

sleeping bag

gacha gavager

every SS turrets

server cluster :

The Island

The center


Scorched Earth




Starter Zone

Raid server

arena server


join our servers in one click



 Extinction: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27019

 The Island: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27015

 The Center: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37015

Ragnarok: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27016

Aberration: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27018

 Scorched Earth: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27017

 Valguero: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37020

genesis steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37024

safe zone steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37017


Event Servers

Raid server: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37018

not allowed yet: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37024

server rates

Harvesting x10

Ressource respawn x10

XP table been reworked  (1-135 is quicker than smalltribes  135-200 take way more dedication)

Taming x10

Breeding x10

Food and Water consumption reduced by 50% ( thx god)

Servers Info

4 mans Tribes

No official alliances

Auto unlock every engrams outside tek ( repli,gen,turrets are unlocked)

170 PlayerLevels + 30 Ascension Levels ( movement speed and crafting skill reduced by 50%)

Elements can be transfered

150 turret limit

Interserver chat linked to discord


New Server 

Cougar Conquer Case with Full Custom Watercooling with 2 Radiator for best results

Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VIII

CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X 16-cores 4.7Ghz O.C

SSD: Corsair MP600 1TB speeds of up to 4,950MB/s.

PSU: Corsair RM1000x

Full costum EKWB Watercooling

 Fans: x5 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial 3000

OS: Windows Server 2016 64bits.


visit our website https://www.apcluster.com/

Admins streaming on discord regularly


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