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pvp AP Cluster | PVP-4man | 12Serv/Shop/dailies/AntiMesh/ORP/deathmatch/Event Server

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This cluster is unique and made by very dedicated player.we have 12 server , every official map and crystal isle, We offer the best plugins actually available our shop is filled with over 750 different item to buy/sell based on a strong economy and trade system, in this cluster every  dinos have his own loot table. that mean bosses and alpha dinos  will give various stuff ( loot table on our discord) normal dinos (outside small one) have a chance to drop a medium quality of his saddle or a chance to get a tiny amount of element as legendary drop, and everyone have his own loot directly given in inventory that mean more we are more chance to get loots. we also have a hand crafted raid server with various difficulty of  raid who rollback every sunday 8:30 gmt-5 but be aware its a pvp map and theres no rules its the wilderness. We also have a Arena server where you can queue for deathmatch. its ffa random set of gear is given at start and everyone have the same random kit, the winner gain points and various loot theres a leaderboard with dailies not only on this server but on every server of our cluster. we are a pretty new cluster and working very hard to make this one the most enjoyable possible and we aim being on the top populated server really soon. i invite you guys to scroll down for more complete info or even better joining our discord to talk to us directly.
Watch ours introduction videos
cluster and shop introduction : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H39Ji7d1Ejg&t=
note runs to level up 1-78 in less than 15 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eKQq7ODIhY
Best wood farming method: https://youtu.be/QKUbqpECe7g
Farming Hide, Meat, and Shop Gems From Selling Trophies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gnct3DRoQs

New Players Protection

5 day structure protection ( also cannot damage ennemies structure)

NPP get removed if any tribemember hit lvl 100

if any player who have lost his NPP join the tribe the NPP is removed

Tribe leader can manually remove the NPP


pvp cooldown = 1hour

time to activate = 30min

time to activate when pvp active after everyone offline = 1hour

max orp duration = 12hour

structure resistance x5

passive dino resistance x5

non passive dino resistance x2

ANTI POPCORNING when recent pvp


our new arena server actually offer deathmatch. quick queue with random weapon kit ( everyone have the same kit) the Last man standing win rewards in form of point added to a random loot. Loot table is huge and price earned can be very good,this server also include a colliseum with bossfight(admin requiered to run the event) and will include several other deathmatch/team deathmatch futurely. dont wait and jump into the arena.

Starter Zone
The starter zone is where you wanna start if you dont want to get grief at start. this server wipe everymonth,the last week upload/download is activated so you have plenty of time to get started.NEXT SERVER WIPE : February 9, 2020
 ( connected to the cluster but with different rates)
this server contain several raids and world bosses, Dinos hp per level been increased and turret damage is set to x2. raids include several bosses. each boss come with his Treasure vault (beginner to medium its in the group leader inventory) bosses take time and need strategy in order to down. bosses and Treasure vault contain huge amount of element and vault contain a lot of bp armors saddle and mats of all kind. allosaurus are used as glass canon his bleeding effect cause 5% damages on raid dinos but they do get 1 shot by any source of damage, laying traps caging adds every tactic is good to use in order to speed up the raid otherwise some fight can take over 30min but the reward is great and worth the trouble . This server was tested by our players the raids are really entertaining and make the end game state way more challenging with endless content. The last raid is not a joke best loots of the game are inside and the first team to do 100% completion on the raid will win 250$ as reward.join our discord for the raids picture/info and the loot table
this server is the wilderness. no rules every man for himself. 
server rollback every sunday gmt-5
This server is a hunting ground theres great risk but also  great rewards, upload only,weekly map rotation., hardcore mode is activated (you die you lose ur char) taming speed reduced to x5, dino max level increased to 160, pvp mode activated. in order to leave with ur loot remember to not choose the same server as ur main character to not overwrite it, the most efficient way is to have a prebuild fob hidden with a pin coded and deposit the dinos/loot inside.


We have the best shop plugin available actually with the most complete shop with over 750 different items on the shop

shop setting

5 point per 10minutes.

/trade 'charname' (points) to trade points


possibility to sell/buy ressources

dinos/boss trophy can be sold for high amount

end game stuff into the shop are rng based.

prices are really well balanced. over 750 different items/pack into the shop.

a solo player can totally have his place into the cluster without being too much beind with this economy system

a lot of diversity making points a very valuable currency


on our tcs reward vault shop(level 5 item) you gain 2 point per 15 min. you can buy several packs at the cost of 250 point each this is a kind of fidelity point system. 


7 pvp maps (all official)

never wipes

upload activated

download activated

server ratio unchanged



JOIN US:  https://discord.gg/rJSkggx


Serverstart: 11 september 2019

Next Wipe: Never wipe.


No teaming in pvp only. its 4mantribes for a reason

 No cheating,Meshing,Meshbiting,Quetz cage

No insiding

No genocide

No griefing , beginner have the right to live and dedicated tribe who grief beginner going to get warned and it the worst case it may end up in a ban

need a unique character name. human and 123 are not allowed. 



Structures Plus -HG Stacking Mod 10000-90- TCs Auto Rewards - Awesome Spyglass-auto engrams

ARkshop mod/plugin - Mesh Police - Cluster Chat linked to discord - Lottery- orp

Subscribe to them all: 


removed items from structure plus :

s+ repair gun

s+ tek forcefield

s+ personal teleporter

s+ vacuum structures

s+ blueprintmaker

S+ Tek ATV

s+ Mutator

s+planetary shield

sleeping bag

gacha gavager

server cluster :

The Island

The center


Scorched Earth




Starter Zone


Crystal Isles

Raid server


join our servers in one click



 Extinction: steam://connect/

 The Island: steam://connect/

 The Center: steam://connect/

Ragnarok: steam://connect/

Aberration: steam://connect/

 Scorched Earth: steam://connect/

 Valguero: steam://connect/

Crystal Isles :steam://connect/

Event Servers

Raid server: steam://connect/

Starter Zone steam://connect/

Heilheim: steam://connect/

server rates

Harvesting x3

Ressource respawn x10

XP table been reworked  (1-135 is quicker than smalltribes  135-200 take way more dedication)

Taming x10

Breeding x10

Food and Water consumption reduced by 50% ( thx god)

Servers Info

4 mans Tribes

No official alliances

Auto unlock every engrams (boss gives nice reward on our cluster so they worth farming we judged useless to block players tekgrams for this reason)

170 PlayerLevels + 30 Ascension Levels ( movement speed and crafting skill reduced by 50%)

Elements can be transfered

150 turret limit

Cave structure damage reduced to X2

Interserver chat linked to discord


New Server 

Cougar Conquer Case with Full Custom Watercooling with 2 Radiator for best results

Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VIII

CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X 16-cores 4.7Ghz O.C

SSD: Corsair MP600 1TB speeds of up to 4,950MB/s.

PSU: Corsair RM1000x

Full costum EKWB Watercooling

 Fans: x5 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial 3000

OS: Windows Server 2016 64bits.


we build the best server for the best cluster. once everything delivered/buildup and setup expect the best server stability and quality.



Admins streaming on discord regularly


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