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new player tips:

  1. strafe - when dilos and raptors come after you, use your strafe to move around, dilo's can not hit you with posion, and raptors can not pounce you if your constantly straffing in one direction, odd how that works but it does.
  2. beware of Troodons - they have glowing eyes at night, these little buggers torpo you (knock you out) and keep attacking you slowly till eventually you are dead.j
  3. pick plants with E key - plants will give you berries to eat, but don't eat the stem or narco berries, stem berries will drain your water, narco berries will knock you out.
  4. Compy seem nice at first just staring at you but they eventually attack you - to avoid compy attacks, just go into ankle deep water, compy won't enter the water.
  5. crafting cloth hats at first is a quick and simple way to gain levels fast in the begining.
  6. use tooltip in inventory - when crafting or needing to repair items this comes in handy as when you hover over the item it will show you what you need to craft/repair the item
  7. build yourself a small building with a Bed - beds will let you respawn back at the same place every time you die with a 5 minute cooldown between.  Sleeping bags are a 1 time respawn.
  8. Learn to craft - Campfire - this will help you stay warm on cold days / nights.
  9. Learn to craft - Mortar, Narcotic, Sparkpowder - The mortar is needed to craft the other two, Narcotic will be needed when you want to tame animals, Sparkpowder is a form of fuel, and is also needed to craft gunpowder later on.
  10. Learn to craft - Smithy - You'll need this to make metal tools, and armor.
  11. Learn to craft - Forge - you'll need this to smelt metal into ingots for making tools and armor in the smithy later on.
  12. Learn to craft - Preserving bin - Placing Sparkpowder in this along with food will make the food last longer then keeping it on yourself or a dino.
  13. Learn to craft - Bow and arrows, tranq arrows - this will help you protect yourself from dinos. and be able to use tranq arrows to knock out other dinos for taming.
  14. Learn to craft - Bola - you can use these to snare small and medium dinos for a short period of time, where you can either attempt to kill or knock out the dino.
  15. Don't be discouraged if you die alot in the begining, it happens to the best of them.

the first dino i tame normally is a ptera, I use the ptera to pull a argentavis into a trap so I can tame it, after that I go for some other dinos, trikes and / or stegos

Dino's you want to tame during the weekends are Anky, Doedic, Theri, Yuty, Mammoth, Daedons, as it will cut the taming time and resources to tame them in half.

good luck and have fun!

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