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Solo Armies - 10xBreed+Harvest 160xBreed 4xDmg

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Solo Armies - 10xBreed+Harvest 160xBreed 4xDmg

Hello there, 

Please join us for some challenging raiding, super fast breeding, easy taming and gathering, boosted drops and crafting, custom dino spawns, all around less douchebaggery and hopefully alot of fun. We recently downsized our servers from 2 to 1 due to lack of activity, but everyone always says they love the settings, so if this post gets a good response we can always make more room or add another server/map again. Currently running Valguero with solo pvp settings, alliances are enabled, all engrams are unlocked, except railguns. Become a 1 man army or team up with some friends in an alliance, we just want more action!

Server name is the title of this post, you can also find some more info at the new discord here;


Solo Armies - 10xBreed+Harvest 160xBreed 4xDmg



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