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The Center New Creatures

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The Center New Creatures

I feel like the center maker or the ark devs should go back and create afew new creatures for the map since valguero and ragnarok have their own unique creatures 


Personally if I could suggest some I'd pick these 5 and also all the water creatures should have partial resistance to the cnidarias stun lock and just be slowed down by it instead.


1.Livytan: this creature can be a huge tamable beast along the lines of mosa and tuso being the largest of the 3 but the slowest, for attacks it should  have a bite attack that does increased damage to boats, things on said boats, and things like ammonite and tusoteuthis and cnidaria, alongside that maybe a tail attack to help defend it from behind and finally it should have a roar that's so powerful that it damages creatures around it dealing AoE damage. I think it should have a platform saddle as well with the saddle allowing you to build the water compartments and a tek generator on it so you can have a moving sea fortress since both the mosa and plesiosaur platform saddles are useless underwater.

2.Helicoprion: this creature can be a small but strong sea mount similar in size to icthys and mantas but abit larger almost around electrophorus size and it should do increased damage to the following creatures: cnidaria, tusoteuthis, eurypterid, ammonite, and trilobites as well as maybe have a pack alpha kind of thing similarly to Raptors or direwolves and the pack alpha could do bleed damage.

3.Tylosaurus: this creature can be a large creature similar in length to a basilo or plesiosaur and it should have a tail whip attack that maybe can deal torpor damage so it would be useful for taming other aquatic creatures, alongside that I think a special "saddle" that's basically more armor with a saddle built in would look fantastic on it.

4.Tropeognathis: this creature should be the only flying tame to actually be capable of submerging underwater and moving around for a short time, it would obviously as a counter maybe have less oxygen but it would definitely be helpful as an all terrain mount, alongside that maybe similarly to the helicoprion it can have a pack alpha buff which would be cool, size wise I feel like it should be around a Pteranodon size but be slightly more bulky dealing more damage and withstanding more damage but slower. I imagine it could become easily one of everyone's favorite fliers due to it's all terrain capabilities.

5.Amargasaurus: this creature could have a counter buff similar to the kentrosaurus where when it gets attacked it reflects damage back to the attacker and I feel like if it swung its tail or head it would cause bleed damage, it could be rideable too, it should be larger than a paracer/diplodocus but smaller than a bronto I think that size is perfect. Since the spikes on its body wouldnt make it the best mount for a platform saddle a special saddle that has gattling gun turrets jutting out both sides would be very cool instead and people could man the turrets so it would be fantastic for raids and easily become a fan favorite. Plus I'm honestly amazed that wildcard skipped over this creature given that I feel like it suits ark perfectly.


Tell me 5 creatures you'd want added into the center.


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