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ARK Mobile Tribe Recruitment


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Splinter Coalition is recruiting!

Splinter Coalition is a group of fun-loving players who like nothing more than to annoy alphas and have some good old PVP fun. We are aiming to hit 50 survivors at the end of the year, so if you want to make new friends, this is the right place!

We have experienced players that have played on PVE, PVP and PVXC since launch. Our discord has a mentorship program where you can ask questions and have them answered, and we plan to establish training routines when we are settled on a new server. New? Want to pick up more skills? We got you covered.

That's not to say that we're warmongers though. In our coalition, we have divisions that absolutely love building, dino hunting and stealth/exploration ops. We may not have lots of what you want, but we have a little of what everyone wants. Again, our PVE and PVP divisions are supported by a mentor, who will patiently guide newbros (or sis) through the motions of becoming an apex predator. Like to craft and trade? We want you! Prefer hauling with a Bronto to fighting? Welcome! Are you perhaps a breeder? We have a spot!

We aim to have:

-PVP tribes

-Industry tribes

We also have Splinter Academy, a (soon-to-be-coming) tribe that will educate new blood in the gory art of survival through drills, practice raids, miniwars and kill-everything romps.


Join Splinter Coalition on ARK Mobile today!



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