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Community Crunch 200: Genesis Chronicles, Mysterious Mysteries, and On The Horizon

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1 minute ago, GP said:

The reason Extinction Chronicles was on Tuesdays is because Tuesday is the main patch day, that's it. Tuesday has nothing else to do with it besides that. Doesn't mean Genesis Chronicles should be expected tomorrow. I'm hoping it does come tomorrow, but no point in expecting it when Ced has stated "sometime" this week.

Yes of course, but 100% of chronicles came out on tuesday like they were supposed to, so I expect these to as well. Obviously they might not, but they were good about getting the chronicles out on time before, so I expect them to again now.

Though it's not like there's a point in arguing this really, obviously neither of us can know for certain. Unless every time Ced has said "sometime next week" he meant sometime at the later end of the week (I have no idea on this, if you do, please say so,) I'm going to expect it to be on Tuesday like the past.

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On 9/30/2019 at 9:22 PM, Cedric said:

It will likely be at 10:00AM PDT but I will try and confirm.

Cedric, Valguero currently has several bugs that the community doesn't know how WC is dealing with, or if it is at all. This includes the aberrant part, the underground ocean and the red zone not spawning creatures properly (as it did before the 4x weekend event), and the manticore Boss not landing at all or getting stuck on mid air, which makes several people lose their tames due to the boss not wanting to fight. Could you please take a look at these issues and tell us if these things are know bugs, and maybe a timeframe for a bugfix?

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