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Kibble mechanics


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4 minutes ago, XaosRes said:

In Ark Mobile you don‘t need the kibble system, running the correct dungeon, you can get a Tek-Kibble Processor, which whom you can make any kibble you need.

This is true, but for that you'll have to be a decent level and have really good (ascendant preferably) stuff. So by the time you finally get this you'll probably have all the dinos you need. 
Unless of course you decide to kill the animals you have and decide to go for higher level ones if you didn't have ones already.....which is not my case since i barely go into taming expeditions, but when I do, I want good levels. Not mediocre ones.

So yeah, I guess you could get this only for late game tames. Which still leaves the rest of the people below with the old kibble system


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