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AOE crossplat Pc/xbox Fresh wiped 24/7 PvP Cluster plus raid server/events

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AOE crossplat Pc/xbox Fresh wiped 24/7 PvP Cluster plus raid server/events

Welcome to Age of Extinction(AoE)⚔

A FRESHLY WIPED 24/7 PvP cluster. Are you looking for an EZ-Craft cluster designed for fast build up, raid ready and defence play styles? Maybe one that has stack mods, or Gigas returned to their original glory?💪 Looking for a cluster with an active admin team dedicated to making their mega cluster grow? What about a community willing to help you build up on this cluster to allow more people the chance to PvP? 👫

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then AOE is the server you've been looking for😎

A 24/7 PvP server with a community that has taken our cluster from one map to ELEVEN MAPS🌐 (2 Valgueros, 2 Rag, 2 Centers, 2 Aberrations, Island, Extinction, and our ANNIHILATION NATION RAID SERVER)

Here are some of the things that our cluster has to offer✔:

•Stack Mods
•Ez craft including element
•Auto unlock all engrams(including tek)
•An active admin team
•Cluster wide events and Dino fighting championships🏆
• Cluster store that accepts many forms of currency.. bbs included 🍓

Our DROPS are also custom to allow easy build up for any player💥(Everything is possible to get, it all comes down to chance)

•White: Starter base, Longneck rifle, darts and cryos
•Blue: Saddles and saddle bps
•Green: Kibble and Wyvern milk 
•Yellow: Artifacts
•Purple: Armor and Armor bps
•Red: Weapons and weapon bps

Our stats are designed to allow a good experience without all the hassle of official 😏 Here is a quick break down:

•Health +15
•Stam +40
•Oxygen +5000
•Food + 500100
•Water + 500100
•Weight + 10000000000
•Melee + 7.5
•Speed + 2.4
•Fortitude + 20
•Crafting +12

Here is a link to our Facebook:

Until our final journey to the ground, May we meet again ♾


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