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Pve Base designs


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6 minutes ago, TheShadowRose said:

Nice design although I primarily use lumber, wood, thatch, and stone

Once you've built with S+ glass, its hard to go back. ;)

I'm currently building an 'archive' castle on a non-dedicated server. It's to archive my special bred dinos so I don't lose them if our dedicated server crashes. I'm planning to get fancy and do more of a 'story book' castle design for that base. But I've only just begun. I'll post pictures once done. 

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If looking for design check Aaron Longstaff or Sven P (YouTube)

If on official or unofficial you'll want an enclosed hatchery, if you're on single player or not worried about eggs being jacked an outdoor hatchery gives you a lot more room. 

Check PvP designs for crafting area. Just super functional and keeps everything together. Scale to the size you want.


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I've also built a series of pit fall traps across the Ragnarok map that use a base-like design. I call them my 'outposts'. Here's my Ragnarok 'Canyon Outpost', used for taming Spinos. Works great. I lead them through the main door into the pitfall trap, then KO them from the top of the building or the overlooking sniping walkway. It could be a base design as well.



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5 hours ago, TheShadowRose said:

Thank you for the tip I will make sure to look them up

Are there any specific ones I should check out?

if your looking for something to give ideas rather then the typical square building designs (not saying that's what people are posting pics of), take a look at this guys structures, they may give you some building ideas, as well as teach you a few little tricks at accomplishing some nonstandard placements:

Aaron Longstaff

 he's helped fuel a bit of creativity in a few of my base designs, and I've even incorporated a couple of his smaller structures into my main base.

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Agree with Aaron Longstaff, he has good builds. I also recommend GG Fizz; his designs are less practical, but he teaches a lot of great building techniques and it's easy to draw inspiration from them.

Honestly some of the best references are RL ones. Trying to duplicate specific buildings, layouts or architecture styles can be a highly frustrating but rewarding challenge.

When it comes to inspiration for a base build, I find my base location is actually the most important part of it all. If I'm not inspired by where my base is, my builds always come out dull and lifeless, no character to them at all. I usually try to incorporate the environment into my designs; for example the last time I built on Cragg's Island on The Island, my base design was very open and mainly wood and thatch, had a dock, etc. My current build up by carno point is mostly stone with some wood and glass. My main base build that I did ages ago was entirely metal, but that was before Tek tier and I plan to recreate the design in Tek someday.

Also consider forward planning: if you've never gotten to Tek tier before and plan to, some of the Tek items, especially the replicator and the cloning chamber, are huge and require a lot of space. It's important to take that into consideration, otherwise you might end up with an awesome base, but nowhere to put your endgame structures. I think a lot of newer builders underestimate just how large a fully functioning endgame base will be if you want any design elements at all to it. Although, I admit I actually really enjoy renovating my base over time as my needs and uses of it change.

And sometimes when building, just go with the flow. Ark has many strange quirks of its terrain that with a little creativity and a lot of annoying snap points, can actually become signature features of your Arkitecture.

Don't forget the paint, either! One of my most impressive builds that I'm still proud of was absolutely made by painting it. Here's the screenshots I made to demonstrate the difference: https://imgur.com/a/YiIDE So many people neglect how much depth you can add just by painting your structures.

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