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pvp The Lost Land (New Valguero PvPvE EU Server with low ping)

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The Lost Land (New Valguero PvPvE EU Server with low ping)

Dedicated Valguero Server

If your looking for a stable server to play on where you can do your own thing, then you have come to the right place. 

I have just launched a server on Valguero. It is what I call PvPvE (Bases become un-raidable shortly after the last tribe member logs off the server) forcing you to have to actually deal with those you choose to Raid if thats your kinda thing. I encurage freindly play but will not take action in the event of a raid that has been handled fairly. I like the risk of raids and the unpredictability of interacting with other players but I will not tolerate greifers and people who are out to deliberately ruin the fun of others. 

I have adjusted the following server settings:
-Resource health & gathering: x1.20 (Takes a few more hits to break down resources but you get more back.)
-Taming Speed: x5 (Ark can be brutal. I prefer a quicker tame time so loosing that dino is not as heartbreaking.)
-Baby Maturation Rate: x15 (You can get that Wyvern without having to take a holiday and abandon your real life.)

I have added the following mods:
-Ecos RP props.
-Ecos Trees.
-Ecos Garden props.
-Unlock all haircuts and emotes.
-Arrows, Arrows, Arrows.

Iv tried to keep it light with the mods, most only add decorative parts. 

I consider this to be my ideal balance, the only thing the server is missing is other players to bring it to life. If your looking to get in early on a new server, please consider mine. 

How to join:
1: Launch steam and your choice of web-browser and go to https://toparkservers.com 
2: Search for the server using the IP address and once found, select “Connect” to the right of the server info.

As long as steam is running, it should launch Ark and begin loading up the server. 

Hope to see you there.

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