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can we build here on abb official pve?

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I don't really see a problem with it, as long as there is more than one path to go from side to side there, it shouldn't matter.  If it was the only route into an area, there could be a problem.  

To be honest though, that's not a great spot.  There are other far better ones to be found.  There are spots in blue w/ next to no animals spawning and plenty of metal nodes all around.

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If you want a good place to build in the blue, head down to the Crystalline Swamps. There is this nice place right on the boundary between the blue and red zone. It's has no radiation and for some reason, Nameless don't spawn there.

I don't have the exact coordinates on me at the moment, but, head up past the double waterfall, keep going until you see a sole purple crystal jutting out of the ground. Keep going past that and there will be a path downhill that opens into a glade with a cliff overlooking it. Directly across from the glad is another cliff that looks down into the red zone. Standing on that cliff is wher the radiation starts.

The glade is the best place to build. But beware, if you head south a bit, you'll hit the boundary where the radiation kicks in, and Nameless will start to spawn without a light-pet.

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