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Best map for farming artifact?

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Ok, was just pointing out when you say artifacts, thats a real thing that is separate from loot and makes the question confusing.

I cant say I have huge experience in every map but I would say Valguero is great for farming loot. Lava cave with 3 loot drops with no enemies that gives 2 of each drop every hour. Also underwater loot drops that dont have 30min wait to respawn. Also the spider cave with decent drops.

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Just now, Jakubson said:

Ok, thanks but this for weterans and caves for start beginers (no must have dino to collect)?

There is no easy way to collect them, on any map. You need dinos that are good enough to get to the drop beacons and cave crates. You either need flyers that are good enough to go all over the map to collect drop beacons, or you need to have animals that are good enough to clear a cave if you want to loot cave crates.

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