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pve Hey you, Yeah you, you should come check out this PvE server! (Cross-Platform)

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Hey you, Yeah you, you should come check out this PvE server!

My friend made this role play server, and it is pretty darn neat. You start off as a freelancer, (solo) or a clan (if you have friends that is) and you trade in certain resources for bb seeds (berry bush seeds) which is the currency of the server. BB can be used to trade with other players for tames or items, buying tames from the admin store, or eventually owning your very own tile of the map making you a kingdom! Don't like another kingdom? Did they build in your tile and refuse to leave? Then it is war! I encourage you to at the very least check out the discord, it has all the information you need. Oh, also its cross-platform! The only disclaimer is that PC gamers need the windows 10 version of the game as the steam one isn't compatible with the server.  Come say hi! 



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